I remember a few years back watching a super hot English boyfriend of mine dance, with his hips loose and his arms splayed, no suave latino on the dance floor – this man clearly moved to music like a girl.

I said casually to my girlfriend, “You know what they say about how you can tell how a man has sex by the way he dances… it isn’t always true… because he dances like a total girl…” I trailed off, but my excited, super sweaty girlfriend carried on, in total exuberance, “But he FUCKS like a man!!”

Oh yes. One of the highest compliments to pay a male lover – “He fucks like a man.” So is there a female equivalent? Is it still embedded in the psyche that the quality of sex, the finesse, the skill is up to the man, and the woman… what? Lies there…? No, surely there must be a way to fuck like a woman. Or be fucked like a woman. Or make love like a woman. You see where I’m going with this??

What does it mean to “fuck like a woman?”

I’ll start off by saying, you gotta be into it. Into the cock, into the wetness, into the sweat. Into the juice, into the tongue, into the hands. Knowing how to serve and be served. Knowing how to give and receive pleasure. Knowing how to fuck and be fucked.

How to go wild with friction and then relax into total surrender. How to be a virgin and then a whore, and then an innocent whore and a lusty virgin. At times mysterious, at others transparent. A tease and a giver. Surrendered and then independent. Yin and then Yang. Masculine and then Feminine. The Earth and then The Heavens. Back and forth over and over again.

I think the coolest thing about fucking like a woman is that it really means getting to be anything, at any time, just because you fucking feel like it.

That is brilliant, female sex.

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