Someone asks me almost every day… “so, Layla…what exactly is Tantra?”

I find it hilarious that it’s usually asked in a hushed tone, one eyebrow cocked, with the same hesitance and curiosity with which one might ask, “So… Layla… what exactly is crack?”

And the truth is, that answer to the question, “What is Tantra” is so vast, and so epic, that I can’t answer it here.

Instead, I’m going to give you some digestible ‘Tantric gems’ to get you started on your own understanding…

In todays Vlog, I’m sharing with you 3 of the most crucial pieces of wisdom from Tantra that can change your state of mind.

And changing your mind is changing your life.

So If you’re ready for some new belief systems that can increase your happiness, rather than take it away…

Then watch this weeks Vlog below.

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