I had a massive fight with my boyfriend Andrew recently.

You know… one of those wild ones where you totally lose it screaming and shouting at each other, then both shut down and refuse to talk to each other.

As per usual we made up an hour later by rationally talking through our feelings and needs.

Then when we made love that night it was completely amazing!

Familiar story?

This got me thinking ‘what actually makes makeup-sex so damn amazing?’

Then it came to me…

In todays Vlog, I’ll show you a sneaky exercise that actually enables you and your partner to have mind blowing makeup-sex, without having the fight first.

Watch and learn my ‘no fight but great makeup-sex’ trick below

Plus meet my boyfriend Andrew, in his Sexy Revolution debut.

Share this ‘sneaky trick’ below to give the world more loving and less fighting!

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