Years ago when a friend told me that I could experience multi orgasmic states by connecting more to nature I was intrigued and more than a little excited.

Nature is my favorite place to be!

So I started exploring, and the first book I came across was called, “The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity,” by Daniel Reid.

It talked about cultivating a “multiorgasmic state” through Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy based on harmony with nature.

This required a lot of self-pleasuring, what I called “masturbation” back then (terrible word.)

I was living in Thailand at the time, so I locked myself in my bungalow for hours. Hours became days.

Colors got super bright, my whole body was buzzing….

I’ve loved Taoism ever since.

I wanted to let you into to some of the secrets of Taoism, and how you can use nature to help you feel more orgasmic pleasure and energy in your life…

…So I brought in Shashi Solluna for this interview, one of my favorite teachers.

She’s going to share with you how to stay in tune with the rhythms of nature and what a multiorgasmic state really is.

You can learn more about the fabulous Shashi here.

And please share this below with anyone you think could benefit from getting more in-touch with natural orgasmic energy.

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