Wow, I’m nervous to release this week’s video.

I feel like, “What’s the point of all the sexuality if we aren’t also getting intimate, vulnerable and real with each other?”

So, in this weeks Vlog I’m sharing three things I’m embarrassed or ashamed for you to know about me…to show the power of vulnerability.

I’ve always made being vulnerable a key cornerstone of every relationship in my life.

I find it makes things meaningful and deep and that vulnerable people are also more relatable and magnetic.

I love them more, because they are human.

If you want any relationship to be deep, and truly loving, if you want sex to be magical and life-changing: vulnerability is the key.

Wanna dive in and get vulnerable with me?

Watch me share my vulnerability below.

Please share in the comments below something vulnerable in your life.

Thanks for tuning in – this episode was a challenging one for me to make, but I really wanted to make a stand for being vulnerable, and bring it into my online persona since it’s such an important part of my life and everything that I do.

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