So, we all know the basic rules…

like no scarfing down a garlic pasta on a first date…

(Unless your date is a total bore and there’s zero chance they’re getting a kiss from you…)

…and that puffing away on a bunch of cigarettes isn’t going to win you extra points in the bedroom.

But that’s just beginners’ stuff!

In this video I share with you exactly which foods are going to make a REAL difference in your love life –

Foods to build hormone levels and energy for wilder sex.

Foods to make you taste so amazing, your lover will want to lick every part of your body.

And foods to awaken more awesome pleasure and sensations in your body.

Plus I’m also going to share with you some surprising foods that actually wreak havoc on your sex life.

Discover the best foods to make you smell, feel and taste amazing in bed below.

(Also, watch me slap Andrew in the face with a bunch of kale.)

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