Something unbelievably serendipitous happened this week.

Andrew and I are in Greece taking part in a couple’s soulmate Tantra training…

And we found out the whole week is on foreplay for awakening the five senses…

and that is exactly what todays Vlog is all about too.

So we’re going to experience it together!! 🙂

The craziest thing is that after a few days of enhancing my own sensitivity to smell, taste, touch, sound and sight here in Greece…

I feel more in love with Andrew than I ever have (we’re on our 4th year together.)

AND had the best love-making ever.

What I realized is that if you don’t enhance your 5-senses…

you can be leaving a LOT of love on the table and a LOT of sexual passion.


Because you might actually love the person you’re with, but you’re not able to feel it if your senses have dulled.

You might have dynamite sexual passion in your relationship (or with yourself!) but you’re just not able to feel it if your senses have dulled.

It’s like having a million dollars in a bank account and you forgot you had it there, so you walk around feeling broke and worried.

The five senses make all the difference because they allow you to feel the goodness that is already within you.

Todays video will show you how to awaken them to experience exquisitely sensitive sexuality with a lover.

Opening gateways of intense pleasure and love! – it is literally like the best drugs in the world – but totally natural.

(I would know, ’cause after activating my five senses, I’m acting wildly stoned in the best kind of way!!)

Find out this incredible foreplay technique below.

Let me know in the comments section below – what is your favorite sense? And what way do you love to experience it?

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