This is Andrew, Layla's boyfriend and business partner.

I haven’t seen Layla for over two months now (I’ve been off traveling in India) but…

we’re finally meeting up again tomorrow.

I’m a little nervous…even though we’ve talked almost every day on Skype it’s totally different seeing her in the flesh.

Will we bond instantly? Will our connection be just as amazing as it was before? Or will it be a little strange at first?

I really love Layla but for some reason every time we’re apart for a while it takes me a day or two to drop back into that deep bonded connection.

Then after a couple of days I wonder why I was ever nervous at all. Our physical and mental connection is always amazing and we’ve both grown so much sexually and emotionally together.

So in todays video we’re giving you an intimate little peek into our sex life and sharing some of the unexpected things we’ve learnt about ourselves and each other.

Let us know in the comments below, what have you learn’t from your partners?
Andrew & Layla

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