Okay, this might sound super crazy, but I find that it can be harder to talk to you about sisterhood than sex.

What I mean is…we’ve all been hurt by other women.

We’ve all got fears of being abandoned.

We’ve all felt angry and sad that we aren’t (or weren’t) accepted as ourselves by other women.

And so when I talk about sisterhood…so many times I am met with discomfort.

But, underneath all those fears is a deep longing to connect.

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it as clearly as I can:

One of the key ways women have been disempowered is by breaking their connections with each other.

When I am jealous, threatened, suspicious and fearful of other women…

I am also alone.

And I get to participate in the patriarchal narrative of hating on other women and then usually also myself.

It’s a brilliant way of keeping women isolated.

But when I love other women…when I celebrate them (hard)…when I share intimately with them…

I feel so powerful it’s like nothing can stop me.

Sisterhood used to feel like kind of a lame word to me…

But my experience of it is that it is powerful and vast and deep as all of nature.

That I thrive, literally, because I have sisterhood.

A rich fabric of amazing women that love me.

And what I see over and over again is that most women do not have this –

Even I didn’t fully have the kind I craved until a few years ago.

And that bonding, truly bonding with women can still be so scary and painful.

So, in this 2-part video, I want to share ways that I have found where women can heal the wounds around sisterhood and create their own.

In this video, I share what it means to celebrate other women (and yourself) and how to make that a regular part of your experience with other women.

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