First, let’s start with some fun facts about breasts…

The study of breasts is called “senology.”

And in early Judaism the very commonly used phrase for God, “El Shadai,” usually translated as “God Almighty” should probably be more correctly translated as “God is my breasts.”

Think about that for a little while before you move on with your day.

I will wait.


Okay! So now I’d love to share with you 3 advanced breast care practices.

I’ve shared with you before about basic breast massage and the importance of regular breast care… So now it’s time to explore some more advanced but equally delicious ways to sensually awaken and care for your breasts.

Here’s why…

Regular, sensual breast care:

  • Gives you healthier breasts
  • Makes your breasts more sensitive to pleasure and turn-on
  • Seriously increases your ability to love yourself (because your breasts are connected to your heart)

Today, I’ve got some amazing new practices to love up your breasts that you’ve likely never heard of before.


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