If you were on your way to a dream holiday and your plane gently crashed onto a beautiful tropical island and you could only have three things with you, what would they be?

Mine would be:

  • Andrew
  • My iphone
  • My jade egg

Andrew, obviously, because just like we built this whole online business together we would build a bamboo shack, create a fire pit, roast local vegetables, and hang out drinking fresh coconuts together while arguing about who has the best ideas and also having delicious sexy time and lots of laughter… I mean, if it’s not broke, why fix it?

The iphone because I could at least map the island, use a flashlight to build things at night, and at least TRY to SOS before the damn battery died.

And the jade egg because I’d set myself up under a coconut tree and drop into Sex Magic, pleasure, and all the best things in life with my daily (or maybe if the iphone died, 3x daily) jade egg practice.

Is the jade egg really that awesome?

Yes, actually, it is. It’s a tool that can help you have more desire, enjoy more sex, and love your body more.

With no side effects and it’s affordable.

Could you be the type of woman with a super-secret and super potent magical sex practice just for you?

Could you be so bold as to release a few thousand years of sexual shame and discomfort to claim your own beautiful pleasure and feminine ecstasy?

I strongly believe that if you chose to sign up for these emails, then your answer is probably yes 😉

But since no one pays for scientific research on women’s sexuality ⁠— especially not holistic interventions and practices that seriously improve their sexuality to demonstrate how effective these practices really are…

I have to run my own tests 😄😄😄.

So, I invited four women who have never used the jade egg before to try the practice.

I shipped them one of my eggs, enrolled them in my Jade Pleasure online course, and asked them to practice ten times in two weeks.

Curious about the results? I was…and as they came into my studio and shared their experience, I was BLOWN AWAY.

Also, if you’ve used a jade egg before (let’s say at least three times!) then I’d be thrilled if you shared in the comments section below what your experience was like too.

Since society still has so much shame and the media won’t cover women’s sexuality in a truly holistic and empowering way, we’ve only got one another to spread the word and let other women know about this practice!

Sending you so much love and jade egg magic!!


P.S. If you haven’t tried the jade egg yet and want to, you can purchase one (with two training videos included) below

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