Last week was my 7-year anniversary with Andrew. On each anniversary, we do rituals to signify what we want together in our future.

So, to start the day, we got up at sunrise and went to the beach and put our crowns on: he stepped into being a King and I stepped into being a Queen; and while we both put on our own crowns, we helped each other make sure our crowns were fully LIT.

As we stood there at sunrise, we shared what it meant to us to be a Queen and a King in our partnership, with tears streaming down our faces…

And this symbolized our commitment to being our highest selves in our partnership and also having our partnership be a space that uplevels us into our highest selves over and over again.

Our 5th ritual (we do one for every year we’ve been together, so seven total!) was a sacred sexuality ritual that I designed called “Orgasmic Breathwork.”

This ritual symbolized our commitment for our sexuality to be a space for growth, evolution, and higher consciousness.

Sacred sexuality is a practice where you use your sexual energy, pleasure, and turn-on to get LIT inside and out and to grow spiritually – it’s like meditation except you get to move and have orgasms and involve a partner (if you choose). The goal is the same – self-realization, clarity, and a deeper connection to yourself and all of life.

The question I get asked most frequently is, how do you get started with a sacred sexuality practice?

So in this week’s vlog, I share a 3-step starter practice that you can put into action right away to begin your sacred sexuality journey!

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