I went to see one of those celebrity healers in LA about two years ago. You know, one of those people that, like, Oprah and Gwyneth go see….

I was led into a light-filled bungalow with lots of Buddhist imagery….

He asked me to inhale and exhale rapidly as he touched my spine and I’d have explosions of energy through my body… It was all very intense and I passed out a few times.

Towards the end he said: “You have a global mission to change the world through Tantra in which you will be very, very successful.”

Did he google me? No…I registered with a pseudonym. Did he rummage through my bag when I went to the bathroom…(???) Was he PSYCHIC!?!?

He then said: “You are terrified of being highly sexually attractive to men so you hide your energy. You’re hiding your energy and you need to let it unleash.”

He was 100% ON point. And I was HOOKED.

Then, he added: “You need to lure them in with your beauty and then use your laser-eyes of consciousness to initiate them into their higher selves.”

At which point, he sort of lost me. 😂

But he was right about the hiding: I was terrified of being deeply, magnetically attractive.

Trauma at a young age had taught my energy system that hiding was safer than attraction, which I’ve found happens to many, many women and to people in general.

I shut down my energy system to be less attractive so I could feel unseen and safe.

Before the age of 25, I actually did it so intensely that almost no one noticed me or found me attractive.

Around that time, I really started to work on opening my energy field and letting myself be seen…

And for the first time in my life I started getting asked out – a lot – by really sexy people.

It was a shock and was almost totally correlated to me allowing my sexual energy to be magnetic instead of repulsive.

What is so beautiful as well is that I’ve found that all people can develop their energy magnetism and vastly increase their attractiveness – it really is the underlying energy that makes you truly appealing to other people.

And if you want to explore how you can use your own energy to come out of hiding and say yes to your own magnetism and attraction, then check out the tools I’ll share with you in this week’s vlog.

It was in the culmination of this work that I met Andrew…

But as this healer was pointing out, I had more work to do as I still often felt invisible as I moved about the world.

As if I’d made myself an invisibility cloak to avoid ever being harmed again by avoiding being seen in the first place.

I felt like I didn’t want to hide because of trauma and even though I was in a long-term relationship, I still wanted to sparkle with attractiveness rather than hide!

So, I went to work on revealing my energy magnetism.

And, whoa!!

It actually worked!

I found myself getting hit on (in a good way) and feeling like people turned their heads when I walked by at parties….

Not everyone loves this kind of energy, so it’s actually great to be able to put on the cloak when you want to be invisible…

And to take it off when you want to sparkle with magnetic energy.

So if you are dating and/or looking for a partner, the tools in this week’s video will be a massive help.

And if you’re in a long-term relationship and you know you hide a bit with your energy, these tools can help you to become more magnetic and attractive within your relationship.

(I’ll also share my own story which involves throwing shoes off a beach bungalow balcony, storming off movie-style and meeting Andrew for the very first time.)

Learn how to use your sexual energy to get anything you desire in life with my Sex Magic practice I talked about in the video! I’ll walk you through the whole process on the play page and you’ll also find a downloadable follow-along audio practice that you can listen to while you do your own Sex Magic ritual.

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