One aspect of a spiritual awakening is encountering Kundalini energy: a sacred Goddess consciousness within all of us that can activate as part of our process.

I made this week’s video in partnership with my friend and Tantra teacher, Josefina Bashout, to do a deeper dive into what this energy is and how to work with it in your life.

Check out Josefina’s work on her website and follow her on Instagram!

Kundalini energy exists in every human body, and I am deeply passionate about more people understanding and experiencing gratitude for this immense access point to the divine within us.

In the female body, this energy often takes a sensual, orgasmic, and even ecstatic expression that has been shamed, judged, and demonized by the patriarchy.

Well…I say NO LONGER. It is well past time for us to reclaim our natural ecstatic and sensual spiritual connection with authority and without shame! And activating our Kundalini energy is one path to get there.

As Josefina says in the video, “It’s given me this deep sense of unshakable confidence and power that nothing or no one could ever strip or take from me again.”

I’d love to hear from you in the comments of the YouTube video about your experiences of Kundalini energy (if any) or any other spiritual wisdom you’d love to share!

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