Nobody wants to spend hours crolling through a crush’s Instagram peeping on their pictures back from 2019…

But at least it’s all fine until you’re like:


And then you spend the next 20 minutes searching Google to find out whether or not they can see that you liked and un-liked their photo hoping to God the notification didn’t pop up on their phone…

We can feel sooo much shame about this.

But the truth is – we ALL do it!

In our culture we tend to shame behaviors that we might consider as ‘irrational’.

But the thing is, falling in love is one of the most irrational things that happens to a human.

Sure, we’re high on a cocktail of mysticism, cosmic love and our own neurochemicals…

But isn’t it beautiful!?

In service of us all feeling a little less shame around our ‘crazy’ behaviours…

…and a little more loving towards the irrational, unexplainable and incredibly magical – yet sometimes seriously unhinged parts of us…

In this week’s video, I’m sharing with you 10 Ways People Creep Online That No One Wants To Admit!

Check out the video below!

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