So you wanna know the secret to more outrageous orgasmic experiences and the most epic sex of your life?

It’s far more simple than most people think…

I sent a survey out to the thousands of course participants who took my Jade Egg course…

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…and we asked them if they’d done a minimum of 3 yoni egg practices…

You know what they said?

(I think maybe I already gave it away here in the video title…)

You guessed it!

80% of women had better orgasms 💦

There really is no tool that I recommend more highly than a Crystal Egg Practice.

Check out my video below to find out HOW and WHY the Crystal Yoni Egg is the sexiest little tool you’ll ever cum across (see what I did there…)

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80% of Women Had Better Orgasms After Using This

So if you want to have better, more outrageous orgasmic experiences, the most epic sex of your life with a lover or yourself, there is no tool that I recommend more highly than a crystal egg practice. So you can work with any of the yoni eggs, including a jade egg or an obsidian egg.

And the crystal egg is my new absolute favorite toy.

Now, people think that it’s witchcraft, and witchcraft would never work to open a woman’s sexuality. And while it is sort of witchcraft, and witchcraft is an amazing thing to open up your sexuality, more on that later, it also makes a lot of rational sense that people don’t really understand.


Because you put this really fun object inside of your vagina, and you basically strengthen your pelvic floor.

You work conscientiously on your sexuality to build your mind-body connection. You fall in love with your pussy. You feel your sexual energy. And you connect to your orgasm, and you study how the way that you touch yourself, the way that you relate to your body, the way that you breathe, the way that you move, affects how you feel pleasure, how you feel orgasm.

And you give yourself a contained space called a pleasure practice to heal from past traumatic experiences, past violations of your body, not listening to yourself, and things like guilt, fear, shame, and disgust. So how would that not make your sexual experiences better?

And in case you needed even more convincing, well, I sent a survey to the thousands of course participants who took my six week jade pleasure course. We’ve now made a new course called Crystal Pleasure and we asked them if you’ve done a minimum of three practices.

So these women and gender nonconforming individuals did a minimum of three yoni egg practices, and these are the kind of results that they saw and reported.

96% experienced a deeper connection to their body. 92% experienced more self love. 68% had better sex. 67% had a better orgasm. 85% felt more sexy. And 86% experienced sexual healing.

So if this is after a minimum of only three practices, you can imagine what having a regular crystal egg practice could do for your sexuality and your life.

And here’s the big kicker. What makes this different from any old Kegel experience or working with some of those new scientific sexuality tools? It’s fun. It’s actually fun, because you get to do pussy dancing and breathwork and self massage, and all kinds of other things that just light up your day.

So it’s not just like this drudge of like, “Let me put this object in my pelvic floor and do a bunch of squeezes right now. Before I know it, I’m going to be an orgasmic queen.” No. It’s like, “I’m going to fucking make love to this egg in the most incredible way and discover so much about my pleasure.”

So if this is something that you want to get started on today, I have included a free yoni … I think it’s like a five or 10 minute practice that you do when you wake up in the morning and you slide your egg in. And you do it for just like … literally it’s so short, and it changes the entire day. Because you set the tone at pleasure. Right?

We always talk about the morning ritual, how it changes your life. And this morning ritual gives you pleasure as a baseline as the way that you meet your day.

So if you want to know more about how this practice can be so life changing, I’m going to share with you three scientifically proven ways to have better sex.

And I want to remind you that scientific studies, especially on female sexuality, are very limited. Why? Because most studies cost about $3 million to conduct, and scientists who conduct sexuality studies, especially on women, can experience being thrown out of university.

They can be persecuted. And a lot of research inside of the United States is funded either by the government or private institutions that have billions of dollars to spend on such a thing.

So who is going to fund scientific research on female sexuality? The other thing is, is congress gets so upset when any taxpayer dollars are used to do something like, I don’t know, validate the importance of the female orgasm, that they actually will come down hard on researchers who are willing to release science on female sexuality.

So it’s very important to understand that just because something isn’t scientifically proven yet, it doesn’t mean that it’s not real, it doesn’t work. It just means that oftentimes the resources aren’t there to fully be able to prove its efficacy.

So one scientifically proven way to have better sex is that more oxytocin equals more orgasm. So this is a study published in the Journal of Hormones and Behavior. Which I’m like, I want to go to an orgy with all the people who subscribe to the Journal of Hormones and Behavior. Because like, dope. Okay. Maybe a little uptight, but I feel like we could all get into it.

So what happened there? People sprayed oxytocin up their nose, and then they had more orgasms. So one of the things about the crystal egg practice is you spend a lot of time doing self massage.

You spend a lot of time centrally connecting to your own body, and this is a scientifically proven way to enhance oxytocin in your own body. So this kind of self care, self love that’s sensual and massage-based, means that you have more oxytocin in your system, which can support having more orgasms.

What’s also amazing is they saw that people who had more oxytocin in their system had more body confidence, a deeper sense of appreciating and loving and seeing the beauty in their body. So this kind of regular sensual self massage that goes along with a crystal egg practice can help you to feel more body confident from the inside out.

So during a crystal egg practice, you also work to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. And you do a lot of practices to create a kind of specific sort of … it’s like your vagina becomes almost like your hand a little bit, and there’s all these different muscles that you can squeeze and utilize. And it’s actually really hot, to be honest.

And so, as I was deep diving into the science around pelvic floor strength, there’s actually very little and sometimes even conflicting science about the pelvic floor and being able to have strong pelvic floor muscles. But I did locate one study that did correlate the strength of the pelvic floor with having better, faster and more intense orgasms.

So the idea behind this is that, during most orgasmic experiences, the pelvic floor contracts in these rhythmic waves. And so the stronger your pelvic floor is, and the more in touch you’ve been with your pelvic floor to be able to develop its sensitivity and dexterity, the more fluid and powerful your orgasms can become. It certainly doesn’t hurt to develop strong pelvic floor muscles.

And so when you’re doing the crystal egg practice, even though there are a lot of different ways that you can train your pelvic floor, it’s like who actually does Kegels on the way to work in the car? Right?

You’re not going to suddenly start lifting weights unless you have a gym. You’re not going to do a yoga practice unless you have a yoga mat. So what the crystal egg does is gives you a focused practice where you can actually concentrate on your pleasure.

Where Kegels are actually fun and they’re combined with self-pleasure, so you’re experiencing a lot of ecstasy and play, and this gives you positive reinforcement to keep training over time.

So another study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that masturbation was positively correlated with all kinds of sexual outcomes. So more masturbation correlated positively with things like experiencing more arousal, more desire, better orgasms, more lubrication and less pain.

So this is starting to point to something that we’ve known for a long time intuitively, which is that the more that you masturbate, the better at sex you become. Why? Because you learn your own body.

Think of it like a sport. Right? If you think of anyone who’s going to become great at basketball or soccer, right, what do they do? They spend all that time dribbling, doing layups, practicing. Right?

When I was in high school and I played soccer, I was constantly doing drills and kicking goals and sprinting. Right? I was training my own body so that when I went to actually play, my body was fine tuned. And I knew so much about how to kick, how to move, because I had trained myself.

It’s the same with masturbation. But we tend to think of masturbation as just like, “Oh, I’m just going to close my eyes and fantasize.”

So when you do, what I call, woke masturbation with your crystal egg, which means that you are doing all the most spiritual, turned on, organic things as you’re touching your body, including doing breathwork and sounding and moving your body and working with sexual energy and finding these secret underground cavern rabbit holes into ecstasy and God through your pussy, oh my God, it blows everything out of the water, and makes your ability to make love so much more powerful and so much more refined.

So if you are excited to explore these results for yourself, then I’d really encourage you to check out any kind of yoni egg, or the crystal egg. You can go ahead and download that free yoni egg morning practice ritual down below.

Please go ahead and subscribe to the YouTube channel. And the more that we really, really, really treat our sexuality as sacred, the more that we give ourselves time to have a pleasure practice, so do our bodies, our orgasms, and our deep sense of the sacredness of our own sexuality continue to blossom and thrive.

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