If you want to deepen your connection with your partner and turn sex into an orgasmic exploration of sensations and energy…

This Tantric sex practice is for you.

At its heart, Tantra is about seeing everyone and everything as divine.

Living with this perspective, everyday life turns into a technicolor dream world of connection, celebration, and bliss.

And you can bring this into the bedroom to totally transform how you experience sex (with or without a partner).

The practice I’m sharing with you today is called “Transfiguration.”

It’s where you see yourself (and your lover) as God/Goddess.

This is one of those practices that seems simple…

But is actually a rabbit hole of magic that takes you into the center of the Universe.

So if you want to turn ordinary sex into Tantric sex…

Learn the Tantric sex practice of Transfiguration in the video below.

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