If you want to deepen your connection with your partner and turn sex into an orgasmic exploration of sensations and energy…

This Tantric sex practice is for you.

At its heart, Tantra is about seeing everyone and everything as divine.

Living with this perspective, everyday life turns into a technicolor dream world of connection, celebration, and bliss.

And you can bring this into the bedroom to totally transform how you experience sex (with or without a partner).

The practice I’m sharing with you today is called “Transfiguration.”

It’s where you see yourself (and your lover) as God/Goddess.

This is one of those practices that seems simple…

But is actually a rabbit hole of magic that takes you into the center of the Universe.

So if you want to turn ordinary sex into Tantric sex…

Learn the Tantric sex practice of Transfiguration in the video below.

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A Tantric Sex Practice for Beginners

So today I’m going to teach you one of my favorite tools that will take sex from mundane and average to tantric, and what I mean by that is changing the sexual experience from just being about physical sex, into an enlightenment experience, into a way to activate and awaken your connection to your true nature, which is what sex can do as a container.

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So this practice is called transfiguration, and what it means is that you feel yourself as the divine before you make love. You can also see your partner as the divine before you make love.

Now this sounds super simple, but if you think about it, the difference between sitting and meditation is one simple tool. So when you meditate you’re either bringing awareness to your breath, or you’re bringing deeper awareness into your state of being as you meditate, and this changes from just sitting in a chair to, oh my God, waking up to the true nature of your being.

The same thing happens in sex. One simple shift in the way that you approach sexuality can change absolutely everything. So seeing the divine in yourself and in your partner sounds simple, but it’s a lifelong practice.

So for me, what I do is I’ll take a few minutes with my eyes closed to really tune into and feel myself, feel my consciousness, feel the depth of my being, and to feel myself as a goddess, and to remember that everything that I do, the deepest part of it is actually me as a goddess.

And this changes everything about sex for me from do I look okay? And how much does my partner love me? And am I going to orgasm quickly enough? To holy shit, I am the goddess making love.

And the second part of this is to practice seeing your partner as divine. Again, it sounds maybe simple, and it is a lifetime practice. So I’ve been changing the way that I see women over my lifetime to see them not just as individual whatever I was culturally conditioned to believe a woman is, to being able to see them as living goddesses, true expressions of the divine.

And I’ve been doing the same thing with men now, really working to feel what is it to see a man as divine, and not to ignore who he is in his humanity, not to hold him to a higher standard, but to actually see the core of who he is as divine, as beautiful, as magnificent.

When you make love from that space, everything changes. And I’ve been doing the same practice with gender nonconforming individuals as well, what does it feel like to understand the foundational expression of them as divine?

So the heart of a tantric practice is to switch from conditioning to truth, and the truth actually is the divinity of you, the divinity of me, the divinity of our lovers, and to be able to see and experience that as you’re making love shifts this more surface level sexuality into an oceanic depth of exploration.

What’s so powerful is sex energies are highly activated and your nervous system becomes more receptive to spiritual truth, and so when you practice this transfiguration during love making it can actually make you very available to spiritual downloads, and an even deepening of understanding of the true nature of you and the true nature of your lover.

So to recap, the very simple practice is to sit before you make love, usually across from your partner, and to take one to three minutes to feel yourself in your divinity. This can be meditating on the silence within you, it can be feeling yourself as a specific goddess or goddexx.

Then to open your eyes and spend the same amount of time, one to three minutes, looking into your partner’s eyes and transfiguring them into the divine, feeling the consciousness within them, the stillness within them, and transfiguring them into a god or goddess or goddexx.

And so when you start to make love, when you start to connect, when you feel yourself drifting into seeing them more as a personality, you continue to take yourself back to feeling their essence, their core essence, and the full 3D reality of your sexuality. You will continuously bring yourself back to understanding the true nature of what you are, and what they are, and this is the heart of deeply transforming how you experience sexuality over a lifetime.

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So you can go ahead and find that, click on it, enter your email address, and you can get access to it right away. Go ahead and subscribe to the YouTube channel, and really tremendous blessings on this shift into knowing the truth of you, and the truth of your lover, and the truth of sex.

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