Eating pussy can be A LOT.

Even as a proud pussy owner, I’ll admit that going down on a woman was once a daunting task.

The female vagina is so beautiful, yet so, so complex.

But after lots of exploration and practice, I can now say that I’ve become pretty damn good at the art and science of oral sex on a woman.

Although there are plenty of techniques to try, the best way to become exceptional at pleasing your partner’s pussy is to ask for honest feedback, read your partner’s body and energy, and create an environment in which she can relax and receive.

So in this week’s episode, I’m going to walk you through 13 steps to creating an epic oral sex experience, including the art of sexual build-up and advanced techniques that will bring your partner to orgasm.


To go along with this week’s episode, I’ve created a FREE 14-step digital guide for Going Down on a Goddess. You’ll learn the art of sexual build-up, the best techniques for giving oral pleasure, ways to extend the orgasm and even give multiple orgasms, and, of course, how to make your partner feel like a Goddess.

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