The VITA™ Sex, Love
and Relationship
Coaching Certification

Become a brilliantly successful coach with an extraordinary lifestyle that LIGHTS you up

Welcome to a uniquely advanced and in-depth business and coaching certification for sexuality, love and relationships.

Do you want to make a truly positive difference in a career that you absolutely love and feel good about...while also supporting yourself financially in the lifestyle you've been desiring?

The sex, love and relationships coaching field is rapidly expanding and greatly in need of qualified, inspired and talented professionals.

And this is your invitation to become one of them.

Hi, I’m Layla Martin.

When I first started my career, it felt at times that I was creating it out of thin air.

It was audacious and rebellious to decide that I would take my desire to serve people compassionately… and my innate healing gifts…and professionalize them into a world-class business with heart…and a touch of glamour!

I wanted to guide people into more delicious sexuality, intimate love and amazing relationships with simple and clear tools as a wildly 
successful career.

People at parties say, “You do WHAT for a living?”

Then, they always lean in a little closer, telling me: “Hey I’ve got this issue that I’ve been desperate to solve...How can I work with you?”

Everyone is hungry for better, more connected sex. 

Everyone desires more potent, lasting love. Everyone desires relationships based on trust and real intimacy. But hardly anyone knows the effective and practical tools to get there.

I spent fourteen years and over ten thousand hours at Stanford University and in the jungles of Asia discovering, developing and fine-tuning these practical tools with incredible results.

And more than tools — I’ve created an entire coaching methodology that allows people to discover new ways of loving and making love that lead them back to their original 
wholeness within.

There came a point when I was overflowing with the wonderful effects of these teachings. And I faced a choice…

I could hold on to this wisdom and continue on with my career as usual or, I could help ignite the inner wisdom of dedicated women who wanted to join in this global transformation and empower them to use this transformational coaching methodology. In turn, they could use these tools to further their own work and offer their unique gifts in their own careers… guided and enhanced by the visionary new approach I have taken.

It didn’t take me long to figure out where my desires and my heart lie…They are with you.

They lie in sharing this wisdom to inspire and support the next generation of leaders and experts to say YES to their destiny and become...

An embodiment of sexual wholeness...
A voice of natural integration and unconditional love...
A champion of healthy, evolved and intimate relationships…

It is my desire to give you everything I can in both business and coaching to be successful on your own terms—to create a career that you love and desire, and to actively be and create a world full of compassionate pleasure, abundant love and clear consciousness...

It is important to me that clients not only get their problems solved but also wake up to more profound truths about themselves during the coaching process. 

And so the VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification was born. I’m so excited to share all of the details with you below…and should you decide to join, I’ll be thrilled to meet you and share this journey together. 




What will you be able to do with 
this certification?

The 1 Year (650-hour)
VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification 

As a VITA Sex Coach…

You'll be able to masterfully guide clients using the most effective tools for transforming their bodies, minds and emotions to liberate wounding, limiting beliefs and sexual blockages.

In the VITA™ training, you learn how to support client's to heal from sexual fear, shame, guilt and pain while also restoring them to a thriving, vibrant and connected state of sexual wholeness. You’ll be able to confidently address health issues like erectile dysfunction, loss of sensation or vulvodynia in holistic ways. You’ll understand the most up-to-date approaches to sexuality while also using ancient wisdom about sexual energy to be a truly integrated guide in the world of sex.

As a VITA™ Love Coach…

You'll recognize how to identify and heal the wounds of the heart: unmet needs, romantic heartbreak, loneliness and isolation. As a VITA™ love coach you'll be equipped to recognize when a client is trapped in unworthiness and to be able to support them to heal this and return to their personal power. As a result, you'll watch client's expand back into radiant self-love, a natural ability to connect and healthy and nourishing relationships.

You’ll know how to masterfully guide a client into creating the intimacy that everyone desires deep down inside. You’ll be an expert at showing clients how to date to attract the partnership that they deserve and desire. You’ll be so much more than just a cheerleader or advice giver – you’ll have a suite of potent mind and body-based tools to inspire your clients to live their best possible lives in love. 

As a VITA™ Relationship Coach…

You'll be able to understand the true function of relationships as alchemical containers to support us to realize our highest selves while also unwinding and integrating all of our resistances to true love. You'll be trained to navigate and resolve the deep unconscious patterns and wounds that damage couples over time. Through this transformation at foundational levels, you'll understand how to return relationships to a joyfully intimate state.

You’ll be able to not only create empowering communication with a couple, but to show them advanced techniques for evolving and healing together in addition to guiding them through tantric or other erotic tools to grow their sexual connection no matter how long they’ve been together. You’ll understand how to support a couple to evolve in love together in these challenging times and how to choose a relationship of depth and passion together.

As a VITA™ Sex, Love and
Relationship Coach...

You'll be a rockstar who is able to do all of the above ;)

"It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life and in my business."

— Lauren Joyce, USA, Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

“The level of holding and care that Layla offers is what really allowed me to arrive in myself and to trust myself in a completely different way.” 

— Palomi Sheth, USA 

There Are Endless Possibilities for You on this Career Path

 Although I’d been teaching and studying this work for over a decade, it was when I moved my brand online that I really saw how much
this teaching was needed. 

Emails poured in daily with excitement and gratitude for finally presenting sexuality, love, and relationships in a light that was holistic, but also down to earth.

After reaching close to 80 million people, selling over 9,000 online programs, building a seven-figure business, and earning a long waitlist of private coaching clients...

I saw how much a new perspective was needed in leadership and coaching around sex, love, and relationships. 

For too long, there has been a split between scientifically validated approaches, which provide valuable insights into the functioning of the nervous system and the mind, but often over-rely on talking and don't fully address the body or energy system...

And the embodied teachings of Tantra and holistic sexuality, which contain powerful transformative tools, but can be challenging to deliver to clients in a custom coaching session that addresses their specific needs.

So I spent years integrating the potent wisdom of Tantra and the mystical traditions of sacred sexuality with recent research and understanding around neurobiology and the science of healing. This inspired me to make my VITA™ (Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) Coaching Method that uses the most powerful tools of the mind and the most transformative tools of the body.


Your Path To Healing And Awakening Sexuality:
The Holistic Way

One thing you'll realize in this program is that sexuality is the foundation of so many of our core issues.

When you are empowered to understand your own sexual ecosystem and to heal from years of negative conditioning and even trauma, you're able to resolve even the deepest sexual issues that can keep you from having the sex, the relationship, and the love that 
you desire.

You know that feeling of being fully alive and magical that everyone craves? The key is in unlocking your sexuality! Many people are afraid to go there because it can still be taboo, but as a VITA™ coach, you'll be shown exactly how to support clients to explore their sexuality in a way that feels totally safe and totally professional.

The VITA™ Coaching Method offers a completely unique approach that creates lightning-fast, long-lasting transformations for clients in one-on-one or group sessions.

As a desire-based coaching system, we don’t spend all of our time focusing on what’s wrong or what’s holding you back. We use your vision of what you desire in your life instead.

This propels you forward and motivates you to heal and integrate whatever keeps you from living your deepest desires - whether they’re about sex, love, relationships or your own spiritual growth -  and allows you to do the same for your clients as a coach.

Your Own Journey Is the Key to Becoming a Naturally Confident Coach

Being an excellent coach is about doing the work yourself and understanding the process from your own experience. One thing that sets this program apart is that it focuses very much on your own personal development. Too many health professionals and coaches preach what they themselves do not embody – leaving them feeling insecure and like “frauds” because 
they haven’t been on the same journey as 
their clients.
In this program, you actively embody and practice every single thing you will use with your clients over and over again. It helps you to understand the process from the inside out while allowing you to exude natural confidence professionally. You’ll become masterful at using the tools because you’ll have plenty of first-hand experience with them.

Challenge yourself and evolve while being held in love and support by me and our amazing community.

  • Heal your sexual shame, fear, and wounding while also expanding and celebrating your unique sexual nature, pleasure, and desire.
  • Experience self-love, human love, romantic love, sisterhood love, divine love…experience your capacity for all kinds of love in the deepest way.
  • Understand your relationship blueprint and why you create (or don't create) relationships. This is not about having a perfect relationship, but rather evolving yourself to create a more profound way of relating, connecting, and creating intimacy.

As part of our high-level group of dedicated practitioners, you will embark on a transformative journey that allows you to...

Live a life of purpose, passion, and impact where you get to turn yourself (and the world) on to more love, more luscious sexuality, and more intimately connected, healthy relationships.

You'll also be empowered to create your own coaching career where you can:

  • Design your own schedule and do the training in a way that suits your needs
  • Learn virtually from anywhere in the world
  • Be your own boss
  • Feel confident charging what you are worth and earning five-figures a month
  • Feel absolutely supported by an awesome community network of like-minded individuals
  • Own your own healing abilities and offer your unique coaching superpowers to your clients

"If anyone wants to feel like a coach deep down in their core and feel like they can hold transformative space, they need to join
this program."

— Joyce Oladipo, UK/Nigeria, Erotic Sexuality and Relationship Coach

"What's unique about this program is it not only walks you through your own transformation and then teaches you incredible powerful transformational tools...but it also teaches you the business aspect."

— Amy Meraki, Canada

"The way that Layla has put together the steps and the way it’s been laid out, it’s ignited in me this ability. That ‘Yes, I can do this. Yes, I have something that makes a difference."

— Kym Lawn, Australia - Transformational Coach

"I had been studying human sexuality for almost 10 years and I was struggling to be successful as a clinical sexologist."

— Emma Ya Abata, Ph.D., USA

What You Get with the VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification

A Detailed but Flexible Methodology to Profoundly
Transform Your Clients

Complete the 10 VITA™ Coaching Modules and the extensive professional training on the tools and materials that will allow you to solve a client's problems without having to memorize scripts or have all the answers. This is possible when you understand the blueprint of transformation and are able to work fluidly with mind-body-energy tools to address whatever arises in a session.

The Business Skills You Need to Succeed
This program includes detailed business training with the most up-to-date guidance on how to fill your programs with clients that you love. You’ll undergo a two-month business development intensive where you are challenged to build every necessary piece of your business (or update and refine it) to have an online client-generating system that works for you.
Worthiness and Wealth Consciousness
Let’s face it: building a successful brand is possible for any intelligent and dedicated person. What holds everyone back is how much they believe they are worth and how much they believe they deserve to be paid, recognized, and seen for their work. We won’t just address feeling worthy and having high wealth consciousness in this program…we’ll actively work on it on subconscious levels day in and day out until you truly feel that you are worthy of success and premium payment.
Incredible Community
I don’t accept everyone into this program. There is an application and screening process for each applicant. I could honestly make way more money by simply sticking a “buy” button on this page and taking everyone, but I care more about quality than quantity. For this program to be successful, it needs to be filled with amazing people like you. You don’t need a background in this work to be successful, I choose an incredibly loving, intelligent, and dedicated group of women. That means you’ll be genuinely inspired by and supported by your colleagues in the program.
One thing that really sets this program apart is that you will feel genuinely supported and cared for throughout your process. We’ve got loads of love. If we’re talking a whole year together, that will make all the difference. ♡


"This program is really unique in the coaching world, I don’t think there is anything out there like this."

— Amanda Testa, USA - Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

"I have been blown away by the level of professionalism...and no other training in business or executive coaching that I have done has been this high level. It really does have it all."

— Laura Weber, Executive Coach, USA

Apply Now to Take Advantage of the Super Early Bird
Pricing and Bonuses

Being a pioneer and a rebel is not only deeply satisfying, but also very financially rewarding.

Imagine showing up to a coaching session to work with your dream client in a genuinely empowering and transformative way. Imagine feeling alive with passion and confidence that the work you are doing in the world is making a real difference. The kind of difference that creates more love, compassion, and pleasure. Not only do you get that tremendously satisfying experience, but you will become a very valuable and sought-after resource for future clients. Because this field has been “taboo” for so long, there are not nearly enough talented individuals out there to solve these issues.
People are seeking coaches they can trust, and this isn’t a field like yoga or health coaching where it’s been flooded with newly minted graduates. The field of sex, love, and relationships from a holistic and intelligent perspective is a blue ocean…lots of clients and not so many talented coaches yet, giving you the space and opportunity to really solidify a niche as a trusted expert.

Part of being good at your career is loving yourself, feeling sexy, saying yes to your desires, affirming your pleasure, and generally having an amazing life.
This does not mean that you need to be in a relationship or be "perfect" yourself. We need your unique background, life experience, and wisdom just as you are to guide those who can hear only your special message.

But it does mean that spending time on yourself and deeply caring for your own heart, sexuality, and relationships is part of your job…which is pretty
freaking cool.
You can also make your own hours, work from anywhere in the world, and be your own boss…
And command premium prices for your work because you chose a top program earning you an incredible education and top-level business and skill training.

Are you ready to take a stand?

I know you might be scared…scared of really being seen…of claiming your own power…of standing publicly for the truth that sexuality is beautiful, necessary, and sacred. 

The truth is that claiming this career means taking a stand for a new future.
A future where sexual abuse and assault aren’t so widespread.

Where healing and integration are easily accessible to those affected…and society takes a responsible, compassionate, and effective approach to stopping all abuse and assault completely.

A future where people and couples don’t suffer mediocre sex and relationships in silence...

But can proudly reach out for support to create the relationships they desire and deserve.

A future where the female body isn’t a scary, faulty, imperfect medical disaster waiting
to happen...

But a temple of beauty and celebration.

A future where we don’t suffer from lonely separation and hiding...

But embrace vulnerable authenticity to create true human intimacy that nourishes us.

A future where self-love and self-worth aren’t “selfish” rarities for perfect people...

But the natural expression of all human beings.

Being a part of this reality, embodying it, working towards it on a daily basis is no small thing. In fact, it takes an audacious act of courage to believe…

That you can do it.
That you are good enough.
That you deserve it. 

You will doubt yourself. You will have fears. You will wonder if you really have what it takes. How could you not?

So saying yes to this isn’t about being fearless. 

It’s about showing deep compassion to the part of yourself that is terrified and doubtful.

And choosing your desires over your fears.

Your hopes over your doubts.

Your YES over your worry.

When I signed up for my first year-long coaching certification, right before I hit the “buy” button, I got super anxious.

I couldn’t sleep the night before… I was sweaty and shaky.

It wasn’t just the money, although that made me nervous. 

It was saying yes to a new direction, a
new destiny.

I had to feel everything that had held me back and made me feel small, and choose which part of myself I was going to say yes to – the one who was so scared she wanted me to stay small…or the one who believed in me?

If you are scared of being seen or putting yourself out there, I get it.

And I want you to know that you’ll do so much personal work and get so much support with this program that when the time comes, you’ll be ready to shine.


"Layla’s teaching style and what the SLRC stands for is something very unique and that you can’t find anywhere else!"

— Ann Nguyen, USA - Sexual Empowerment Coach

Why one year?

One thing I never want to do is create improperly
trained coaches.
I not only care about you and your education – I care about every client you will ever serve. It is absolutely essential to me that this program offers the most in-depth training available.
It is imperative that you use the skills and the tools over and over again until you are confident and masterful when using them with clients.

In my experience, you need time to become a masterful coach.

Coaching certifications that last only a few months with one or two calls a week…what kind of education is that?

If you want to charge premium prices and run a successful brand, it is essential that you dedicate yourself to a comprehensive training.

That’s why this certification is six hundred and fifty hours spread over a year. Because I want you to be successful. My top priority isn’t making the largest profit, it’s making you an excellent coach and thought leader who is able to create a business at the level of success that you desire.

When it comes to love, sex, and relationships, people are held back from having what they want by the same core issues over and over again.
You don’t need to have an answer for everything, but if you know how to recognize these core issues and how to resolve them with effective practices, you’ll be able to get results continuously without having to memorize facts or processes.
I’ve put together the healing and transformational tools into a comprehensive methodology that you can immediately begin to use with your clients.
In learning an extensive set of tools that address the root of the issues, you'll learn how to approach a multitude of issues with powerful practices that transform your clients to the core.
I call this the VITA™ Coaching Method – The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach.

The VITA™ Coaching Method is an advanced way to approach coaching by going deep into the heart of the issues that affect people subconsciously and creating lasting change.

Part 1 - Setting Crystal Clear Desires and Goals
Part 2 - Addressing Limiting Beliefs and Blockages
Part 3 - Embracing the Inner Child
Part 4 - Liberating the Family Dynamic
Part 5 - Getting What You Desire
Part 6 - Creating a Thriving Sexual Ecology
Part 7 - Finding Emotional Empowerment
Part 8 - The Power of 
Intentional Self-Pleasure
Part 9 - Journey into the Self
Part 10 - Healthy and Fabulous Relationships

The Program at a Glance

• A four-month transformational journey where you radically shift your relationship with your sexuality, body, and soul and embody the work you’ll teach

• An optional live one-week embodiment 
retreat in Costa Rica led by me and my senior program teachers

• Three months of mastering my core transformational coaching methods that allow you to rapidly solve any issue for your client

• 20 coaching practicums with peers and special professional development seminars to develop your coaching skills to excellence

• 4-week intensive of claiming your niche and mastering one or two coaching topics of your choice

• Two months of high-level business training and development led by me and Andrew to support you in building your brand and reaching clients

• A virtual live business training led by me 
and Andrew and the senior SLRC teachers with intensive workshopping and live feedback on your business plan

Here is exactly what you’ll get during our 650 hours of in-depth professional training with both recorded video and live calls to develop your new career:

And also includes:

• An online suite of learning materials including weekly videos, exercise books, and guided audio practices to match different learning styles

• Live weekly workshops, teachings, and Q+A 
with me and the senior teachers for additional guidance and support

• A mentorship teaching program with a 
dedicated SLRC teacher who supports you and keeps you on track

• Peer support pods with weekly calls to keep you accountable and to remember you’re not alone on 
this journey

The Full Syllabus

Discover all the fascinating lessons you’ll learn week-by-week by downloading the extensive course program here.


"This gave me a full embodiment of 'I am woman, making money, and I love it' It’s sassy, outrageous and radical! It’s something to totally celebrate."

— Emily Kuser, Bali - Yoga Teacher & Business Owner

This is the personal deep dive of a lifetime! You'll be invited to explore and transform your relationship with your sexuality, your body, your power, and your love through this epic journey. You are encouraged to embody and practice all of the tools you'll use with clients so that you can take them into the depths you have explored for yourself. Many of our graduates say this is THE most life-changing thing they have ever done for themselves.
Each week, you'll be invited to a full adventure of your mind, body, and soul.

You'll explore topics like:

  • How to fall totally in love with yourself 
    (using science!)
  • How to transform negative sexual conditioning and replace it with the wild, empowered sexual reality the woman inside of you chooses 
  • Embracing the holistic sex tools that will superpower your orgasmic nature
  • Gentle ways to heal sexual issues while exploring your hidden shadow sides and 
    learning to embrace them
  • Energy and the chakra system and how to access sacred sexuality
  • Pleasure geography and how to have full-body and ecstatic orgasms
  • Creating the intimate and passionate long-term relationship you desire
  • How to express your voice and power in the world while setting healthy, clear boundaries

....and this is just a taste!

In this part of the program, you choose your area of mastery and develop comprehensive skills in your niche! There are eight different tracks that you can choose to major in.
You’ll get to choose from

 specializations like:

  • Female Sexuality
  • Jade Egg
  • Men’s Sexuality
  • Conscious Dating
  • Tantric Sex
  • Life Transitions (Divorce, Aging, 
    Menopause, Abortion, Grief/Loss)
  • Relationship Transformation
  • Women’s Empowerment

Trimester Three: Specialized Tracks

Each track includes:

  • Three to five modules
  • A minimum of twenty follow-along audio practices 
  • Step-by-step guided client sessions
  • Weekly live Q+A and coaching led 
    by me and the senior teachers

“The level of holding and care that Layla offers is what really allowed me to arrive in myself & to trust myself in a completely different way.”

— Palomi Sheth, USA

+ Optional Costa Rica
Immersion Retreat

An absolutely epic, week-long intensive embodiment process of Tantric activations, rituals, and your own profound wisdom. A deep-dive into nature, celebration, and the wild feminine where you get in-person transmission and teaching from me and my senior teachers.

+ Virtual Business
Training Intensive 

Develop your speaking skills and focus on your content platform and channel. Whether you are creating on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or writing a blog, you’ll be engaged to find your unique voice in the world that magnetizes your tribe!
Participate in 30-day peer-supported challenges that keep you on track and focused on achieving your goals.
Learn how to create content that you love and that speaks to your future clients in a way that feels creative and in flow.
Tap into the energy of your business and learn to sell and market from a space of deeper connection and soulfulness.

And… a whole lot of LOVE.

The Super Early Bird Bonuses

Apply now to take advantage of the Super Early Bird bonuses and special pricing.

Plus get a head-start on your
learning journey.

The Super Early Bird Program gives you an extended program experience before the main program starts on January 12th, 2020.
You’ll be able to join our amazing community right away and receive live coaching and teaching from me. You’ll get our reading list to begin to immerse yourself in the topics, plus you’ll get access to the bonuses listed below. This gives you more time to prepare for the year and studies ahead, to connect and build relationships with all your amazing peers and our team, and to begin the early reading and the bonus courses.

6 months of free membership to our brand-new Sex Goddess membership program ($1000 USD Value)

You get free access to join the amazing Layla Martin Membership for 6 months to enjoy the community connection and live practices with Layla and her team of incredible teachers. 

During these four Interactive Sessions, I will offer live coaching on anything related to sex, love, and relationships, so you can experience the power of coaching and see how effective the tools are - an amazing place to begin your transformation and see just how effective our coaching is! You will also get to experience the magic of the sisterhood container that the transformation happens within.

4 LIVE Group Coaching calls with Layla
($1500 USD Value)

My Program Director and Head Teacher Erika will take you through a journey of (re)discovering and uncovering your innate capacity to feel vibrantly sexy and confident in your sexuality - two key ingredients to having the hottest sex ever - solo or with a partner! Erika exudes a sexiness that she has embodied through this work over the last five years, and I’m so excited for her to share this magic with you on the two live calls in this training.

LIVE "Hottest Sex Ever" 2-week training with head teacher Erika Alsborn
($1000 USD Value)

Two of Layla's signature programs
($1500 USD Value)

Get lifetime access to two of my extremely popular and highly appreciated online courses. You can get your practice started right away and begin your intimate journey with yourself and your sexuality. Not only will this support your personal expansion, but the courses can also inspire you in how you want to create your own online courses in the future!

Two-week "Upleveling Wealth Consciousness" program
($1000 USD Value)

How much money you make has everything to do with how much you feel you deserve wealth and how much you value your time and work. In these two weeks, we’ll shake off discomfort and fear around money and replace it with inspired dedication to become super fluid and comfortable with money and sales. If you want to earn what you’re worth, you have to develop a clear, consistent, and worthy relationship with money. We’ll replace outdated belief systems around money and charging for your work and give you daily tools and ongoing support to claim your financial future and to create the financial reality that
you desire.

Live 6-week Essential Foundation Training Series with Layla
($1500 USD Value)

The Essential Foundation Training Series will give you incredible insight into the pillars of the VITATM Sex, Love & Relationship Program and lay the foundation for you to be successful in this work and as a coach. You'll be gaining tools and mindset principles that will help you to thrive in the program in 2020 and beyond!

Six additional months of weekly Coaching and Business Development Calls after the program has officially ended on December 20th, 2020. This allows you to fully integrate the material and get support when you need it most: as you launch your coaching business and begin working with clients in the real world! This is perhaps our most outstanding bonus because it extends the program support by six months and lets you build your coaching skills and business with ongoing SLRC team support.

6 months of weekly BONUS Coaching and Business Development Calls in 2021!
($2500 USD Value)

Can You Justify Investing in this Program? 

"I had not done any other courses with Layla so I wasn't sure what to expect and it's definitely far exceeded my expectations"

— Andrea Balboni, U.K.

Breaking Down the Business Model

Building a successful coaching business and brand takes dedication and hard work. There is no way around that, no easy shortcuts, and no quick-fix to making a lasting income with a freedom-based lifestyle.

That being said, this is a unique opportunity to establish your niche and brand at a time when this industry is full of opportunity.
I can’t guarantee you any amount of income, but I want to share with you the business model that I'll be encouraging you to use, which many of our graduates have successfully implemented.
You will be trained to a level where you can add tremendous value to your clients and will be able to charge $150 - $1000 per hour-long session, based on your experience and brand.
In this training, you’ll receive 10 “ready-made” coaching modules, meaning you can start coaching a 10-week package program immediately upon graduation and you can charge between $1500 - $10,000 per coaching package. You can very easily tailor it to your audience and the issues with which you will be working.

You’ll learn how to attract an audience using the most modern and effective business-building tools and then you’ll learn the best ways to convert them into paying clients in your program.
If you are looking to build a sustainable six-figure coaching business, then you'll want to build to a place of selling 3-5 coaching packages a month until you are full. This is a solid income, and if you want, it can be just the beginning of your business.
From there, you can create group coaching, online courses or raise your prices to get to five-figure months and a six-figure salary.
I cannot guarantee that you can do this, that will be entirely up to you. But if you choose a niche that you are passionate about and market yourself well using the business strategies you'll have learned, it is very possible for you to create this kind of sustainable income, as many of our graduates are currently doing.

I’ll be guiding you to choose a magnetic niche to become a recognized expert in your field to really draw attention to yourself and your
online brand.

You also don't have to build a giant business from this program - you want to create a coaching business that is just right for you! You can consider making an extra $1000 a month coaching a client on the side or taking a few clients as a stay-at-home mom or alongside your
holistic career.

Here are some sexy niche topics you could own and specialize in:

  • Helping women become (multi-)orgasmic and sexually fulfilled
  • Working as a Jade Egg teacher online as well as in person, offering yoni yoga classes all around the world
  • Assisting sexless married couples to reclaim their passion and love-making
  • Working as a dating coach to support people to attract a high-quality partner that they deserve
  • Making menopause a celebration of power and sexuality
  • Working with new mothers to recover their sexiness and desire
  • Teaching couples how to stop arguing and experience deep intimacy and passion together
  • Helping single women to gain radiant, sexy confidence and love their bodies
  • Supporting men to feel sexually empowered and masterful

These are just a few examples out of hundreds. An important part of the process is allowing yourself to discover and refine your true passion so that you are highly motivated to serve your client base.

Weekly Interactive Session With Me

Live, interactive video sessions that are inspirational, motivational, life-changing experiences, where you can ask any questions at all about the course or sexuality in general and also get live coaching from me. These sessions are powerful and great for deeply connecting with me as well as your peers in the program.

Weekly Live Practice Sessions With Me

You will have the weekly opportunity to join an optional live practice session with me where I will guide you through an embodiment and/or self-pleasure practice. These sessions will help you embody the tools of the program successfully and also offer a space to work through resistance and support your sexual expansion. It’s also a unique opportunity to receive my live transmission in the practices and the collective community spirit and energy.

Weekly Coaching Development Sessions With Me

During Trimester Two, when you begin your professional development journey, I will hold a weekly live session where you can bring all your coaching questions and receive direct support from me that will help you grow as a coach. You will learn by listening to the questions from peers as well, which will make you a well-rounded and knowledgeable coach.


The Team and Support to Help You Thrive

Included in your program experience are a few different support structures to ensure that you have the best possible personal transformation and professional development.
Here is what you get:

Live Program Support from the
Senior Teachers

In the program, you will get to know my amazing team of teachers! They have all completed the VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Program and are amazing, hand-picked coaches, teachers,
and guides.
The senior teachers will each have a student cohort that they will connect with bi-weekly on a live Interactive Session so that you have the opportunity to join a live call with fewer participants. You also get exposure to an additional teacher and their unique competence and transmission. The senior teacher will be available for emotional support and continuous encouragement via email and a monthly 
one-on-one call.

The Royal Orientation for SLRC Queens

The first week of the program, we’ll take 5 days to drop in with you and explore what connection and community really mean. We will offer live classes and workshops to support you in experiencing love, safety, and belonging and thriving in the program throughout the year. If you have wounding from the past that holds you back or fears about expressing yourself, this orientation will support you to feel safer and more expressed so you can step into a next-level approach for the remainder of the year.
We explore how to hold one another safely in our deepest traumas and our greatest triumphs while also giving ourselves permission to be big, bold, expressive, and also quiet, soft, and inwards. We want to encourage you to do this program your way, and not to fall into being a good student or a nice girl, but to seize the opportunity to claim your power and your voice and your own unique approach to learning. 

We’ll cover important topics like how to hold yourself through deep healing, how to integrate the program in a healthy way, and how to deal with things like projections and triggers. 
We’ll also cover topics like how to celebrate yourself wildly, how to use all of your new sex toys, how to set up ritual spaces, and how to give yourself the boldest permission to have a fabulous time as we set out on our epic journey together - so get ready for the most fabulous orientation week you’ve ever had!!!

The Table

A monthly discourse around racialized and sexualized trauma for Black, Indigenous, and Womxn of Color, led by senior teacher Nikka Karli. This is a powerful container for BIWOC to connect within the program and safely explore topics including identity, voice, leadership, belonging, empowerment, and coaching development.
This is intended as an inclusive conversation that allows BIWOC to trust that we no longer need to fit in at someone else’s table and empowers us to create our own. This allows us to own our space, at whatever table we happen to be occupying at the time.

LGBTQ+ Spaces

Safe spaces for LGBTQ+ members to connect and explore in the program together, led by LGBTQ+ team members and graduates, this is a space to integrate the tools and explore how to apply the work through all dimensions of gender, sexuality, and personal expression.

This is intended as a safe space to work around the heteronormative structure and dominance in the program and to offer a place of celebration, encouragement, and community.

Inclusivity Training

Specialized training offered throughout the year for learning how to build truly inclusive businesses and communities.
This allows everyone in the program to do their part in understanding the impacts of racism, sexism, ageism, and homophobia in society and to do the work to unravel them in themselves. You’ll be encouraged to explore your own blindspots in a safe container and to become more whole and empowered through releasing the systems of oppression and hierarchy we may have internalized.
Doing this training will support you to coach and operate from a more considerate and truly safe space as we bring this revolutionary work around the world. You’ll learn how to hold empowering stances for yourself and others in the transformative processes and how to build businesses that operate in alignment with our values.

Mom Support Group

For anyone going through pregnancy, has had a recent childbirth and/or is currently child-rearing that impacts their experience in the program, this is a space to connect with each other and receive additional support and a space to digest your experiences.

Led by a team member, you will be invited to celebrate all the gifts of your experiences and empower each other to move through specific challenges and identity shifts related to your mother/parenthood role and responsibilities.

Women 45+ Support Group

A community space for women aged 45 years and older to come together to empower each other on your personal development and career paths. We recognize the power of this stage in life and the extra support that a group of your peers can offer in creating your coaching business and navigating issues that only more mature women can understand! A team member will lead specialized calls where you can bring your challenges and accomplishments and create the lives that you desire from a sovereign and celebratory space.

How is this different from other coaching certifications out there?

A lot of coaching certifications lack real depth and they don’t work with the body and psyche in ways that create true transformation.
I often felt that once I’d paid for other certifications that no one really cared if I was successful or made it through the modules.

People charged tens of thousands of dollars 
to do a call a week with no video and no 
further training!

The VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification contains the professionalism necessary to set you up to be confident and well-versed in the tools that attract and keep high-quality clients while integrating the laser-fast mind transformation processes that wow clients with the embodiment practices that stabilize the transformation and allow it to stick in the subconscious mind. 

In this program, we genuinely care about your success, and you'll feel that through every step of the experience.

"I've been through multiple life coaching certifications and this is the first one I've felt so prepared to transform my clients...and its happening!"

— Audra Baker, USA

Oh...and you'll be genuinely supported with love in the process.
 We have all the LOVE.

How is this different from university classes?

Most clients care way more about how effective you are than where you were educated, but certainly not all and it’s important to recognize this.
So I’ll be straight here: if you really care about being a registered sex therapist who serves clients that only want to work with a registered sex therapist: this program is not 
for you.
I myself sat through years of university classes, learning the theory of sex, the philosophy of sex, the statistics of sex…
It was expensive and I thought, “Is this information going to make anyone really have better sex? Or more love? Or an outstanding relationship?”
I often found myself filled to the brim with theory and totally empty of practices that might make a real difference in someone’s life.
I came to the conclusion that most academic approaches to sex, while they hold insight that will be used in this program, simply do not go deep enough in the embodiment methods that are required to have the deepest possible transformative impact on clients.
That’s not to say that getting certified academically doesn’t make a difference. The education can be very valuable and if you have already finished your degree, it will only make you more effective with this work.

And when it comes to sex? To love? To relationships?
These are deeply wired things that sit in our subconscious memories, habitual patterns, and bodies.
Talking can only take you so far.
But that’s not to say science and the world of psychology aren’t useful. I love science.  
I love neurobiology and modern research and their insights into human functioning.
But in academia, these concepts are not applied. They don’t achieve super alive results for clients to actually have ecstatic orgasms or deeply intimate love, if you get what I’m saying.

Everyone knows someone who has sat around talking about their problems forever with no results.

So, the VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification is designed to use modern science and the insights of neurobiology...

Combined with the powerfully transformative tools involving the body, emotions, and the subconscious to accomplish
deep healing...
Go way beyond the level of talking, to the place where the blockages are and real change occurs.

"It just blows me away...This program takes you by the hand and guides you to think much bigger possibilities than I would have thought possible."

— Linda Chew, Hong Kong

"I went from feeling very insecure about my capability in coaching people and business and ten months into the program, I feel like I can do this and I sold my first coaching package."

— Marianne van Katwijk, Netherlands

"The program has taught me to be an amazing coach, to change people’s lives and to be an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Before the program, I had never thought about running my own business!"

— Sandra Denise, Sweden

Get Started Today


Fill out the application form and take the first step.
From there, we will set you up with a 15-minute call with a program director to answer all of
your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do the coaching sessions in person with an office or can I do this online?


Do I have to touch clients?


I encourage you to do virtual coaching sessions. It means you can work from anywhere in the world, you don't need to travel, and you don't have to pay for your own office or session space.
However, if you already have clients or you strongly prefer to work in person, then you are welcome to use this coaching process for live sessions as well.

Curious about what exactly you will learn and when?


Download the whole program syllabus below and start exploring:

“It feels so empowering to know that I am helping these women feel alive, vibrant and radiant.”

— Ana Kosta, Germany

“This investment has proven to be the best choice I’ve made in my life.”

— Sasha Cueto, Mexico


Limited Spots for Maximum Support and Personal Attention

To make sure that everyone is well-held in this program and gets the support and attention they need, we have limited the number of available spots in the program.
We usually get about 3-4 times more applications than we can accept, so if you think this program might be for you, then take action and apply now.

"Even if you have no experience whatsoever, you are going to be totally OK, Layla really walks you through all of the steps."

— Rachel Halder, USA

“What surprised me the most was how generous Layla is in sharing her knowledge behind every module.”

— Indira Anggraini, Indonesia

"My clients were like WOW...this is what I want...instead of just talk therapy, it’s like immediate transformation through
these tools."

— Aya Iwasaki, USA

"The methodology Layla uses on how to coach is revolutionary...I've taken dozens of certification programs and I've never seen anything like it."

— Tanja Nunnold, Medical Doctor, USA

"I discounted my abilities and this program has really made me believe that there is so much I can reach for and achieve."

— Pam Dawn, USA

"Every time that I coach a client I get the most amazing feedback and it makes me know that this is what I am meant to do with my life!"

— Lacey Broussard, Doula, USA

"Coming into this program and fold of women I knew that my transformation would double, tenfold, and it absolutely has!"

— Caralee Guignon, Canada

"My favorite thing I've ever done...I was blown away."

— Honey Harriri, USA

Take the next step toward your dream career and apply today.


In this Trimester, you'll learn radical tools for transformation while also learning how and why transformation occurs so you can understand how to guide clients using your own deep intuitive wisdom. The coaching process specifically focuses on addressing the most common issues related to sex, love, and relationships and teaches you how to support clients to fully thrive in these areas.
You'll learn a 14-step coaching core that will allow you to confidently guide a client through any issue. You'll also be mastering a suite of our "Lasering Tools" which allow you to pinpoint and solve exact issues with clients, as well as a suite of "Blueprinting Tools" which allows you to work on more general wounds or issues in your clients’ lives. You'll learn how to apply breathwork, mindfulness, energetic healing practices, and somatic mind-body techniques all within the safely held container of a coaching session.
The coaching process specifically focuses on addressing sex, love, and relationship issues as well as how to support clients to radically thrive in these areas. This process is one of the deepest and most comprehensive coaching programs available anywhere.

In this coaching system, you will 
learn how to:

  • Identify and clarify your client's core desires and wounding patterns
  • Assess how to apply tools and techniques to be effective at the deepest levels of the nervous system and mind
  • Discover your client's core blockages, limiting beliefs, and fears in a safe and
    supported way
  • Pick specialized tools that create transformation in a loving, compassionate, and powerful way for each client

You'll learn how to work with clients in each of the following:

  • Wounding patterns that show up as 
    unmet needs and how to heal them
  • Issues that show up as problems with the inner masculine or feminine
  • Deep-seated upper limits related to unworthiness and self-doubt
  • Layers of shame, guilt, and fear, which prevent the body from experiencing pleasure, joy, and aliveness
  • Disempowerment narratives that keep your clients from creating the relationships and lives they truly desire
  • Emotional struggles arising from either repression or overwhelm
  • Relationship issues stemming from past experiences and patterns

....And more than anything else, you'll learn how to move your clients from disempowering and fear-based narratives about themselves back into a level of personal empowerment and choice where they are able to create the relationships, sex lives, and self-love that they most desire.

No. All of this work is designed to be done virtually and be effective without touching your clients.
One way that this work is unique is that it will allow you to guide the client to work in an embodied way with the tools while you guide them remotely. What I mean by this is instead of just talking to your client, you will help them with processes like breathwork, body-talk, meditations, sounding, and many, many more to take the process much deeper into their body and psyche even when you are communicating virtually.
You'll be empowered to give homework that is appropriate for your coaching niche. So if you are a sexuality coach, you will give homework for your clients around sexuality and sex, but you won't be guiding them through sexual experiences yourself.

This program is not psychology or therapy, for which you need a degree and a license. Psychology and therapy offer wonderful benefits for clients and if you want to become a psychologist or therapist, then we encourage you to get your degree! We are also not affiliated with any university. The VITATM coaching method is a unique system that incorporates coaching methodology with holistic embodiment tools, the philosophical wisdom of Tantra and yoga and the understanding of neurobiology to create a powerful approach to sex, love & relationships that is cutting edge and not what you will find in traditional systems. 

For coaching, there is currently no accrediting board or coaching body that truly matters to clients and we have found that clients choose coaches based on results and connection rather than on a specific certification. However, if an accrediting institution or coaching certification arises that matters to clients - we will be first in line to get ourselves approved! 

Is the VITATM Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification Program backed by an accredited institution or board?


What will I get when I graduate from the program?


The program begins on January 12th, 2020 and is completed on December 20th, 2020. If you provide evidence of completion of all the videos, personal practices, coaching session practicums, and reading all material, you will receive a certificate of completion for a 650-hour training in VITATM Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, signed by Layla Martin.
Proof of completion will include turning in your complete workbook that goes along with the training manuals, your log-book for your personal practices and meditations, and your coaching log-book and audio recordings for coaching practicums and client hours. You will need to have completed at least 85% of all required personal practices, meditations, coaching bootcamps, and client hours. You can make these up by December 20th, 2021 (the following year). We will award your certification upon proof of completion up until 
this date.

How much is the VITATM Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching
Certification Program?


There are two pricing options available.
Option 1: Pay upfront – $11,497 USD. Now that we are still in the Super Early Bird Period, you save $1,000 USD on the pay-in-full price. To take advantage of this offer, you must apply for the program before August 28th!
Option 2: Super Early Bird special installment payments. Only during this period, you get to choose our easy 24-month payment plan option at $499 USD per month. So apply now and secure the easiest payment option available!

How much of the program is face-to-face and how much is
taught online?


The course material will be 100% online, but some parts are pre-recorded and some parts are virtual live events where you can speak with Layla, the senior teachers, and other participants.
Each week, you will have at least 4 hours of live calls that you can attend from anywhere in the world, so there are lots of opportunities to ask live questions and be guided by Layla and the team. We also structure the course to be available at many different global time zones, so please ask if you want to know what times the calls will happen for you!
Layla and the senior teachers will be teaching you virtually through an online course platform, similar to the Jade Pleasure, Obliss, Epic Lovers, and Men’s Course. There will be weekly live Q&A calls and one week-long in-person optional retreat with her and the team in Costa Rica.

What is the estimated time investment?


On a weekly basis, you will need to invest between 12-18 hours to complete the program. You’ll also need to complete many hours of additional graduation and training requirements to be fully certified as a coach. This program is meant for women who want to become masterful coaches at the top of their game, and the time commitment reflects that. The level of time commitment is similar to that of a graduate program. However, the program allows you to be very flexible in how you manage your time, as many of the pieces are self-study or self-practice that you can do whenever it suits you and if you can’t join the live interactive sessions then we share the recordings with you within 24 business hours. Some students also do the program at their own pace since it’s possible to graduate up to a year after the program has finished.

I’m not sure if this course is right for me. How can I decide?


Definitely check out the syllabus for 2020. Spend some time on my Vlog getting a sense of my material. The VITATM Sex, Love & Relationship Certification Program has an online application process that includes in-depth questions asking you to consider why you want to do this work. We have found that answering these questions has brought great clarity to each applicant about whether this program feels right for them.
Additionally, upon review and acceptance of your application, you will have an opportunity to review the program syllabus in detail before scheduling a live one-on-one twenty minute call with a program director, Erika Alsborn or Laura Weber, to give you the space to ask all of your questions and to decide if this program is the right fit for you. We are not pushy about you joining – I only want women who really

want this!

What is the latest possible date I can sign up for the program?


This program frequently sells out due to limited space and high levels of interest. So if you are curious about joining – fill out an application!
To get the very best deal with lots of sexy Super Early Bird bonuses (including the best price available), be sure to apply before August 28th!
General registration for the program is open until the course sells out or until it begins on

January 12th, 2020.

Is there a refund policy?


This program is like university: you can’t just drop out because you don’t feel like doing the work. That creates a strong atmosphere of commitment. This work goes deep, and you will be undergoing a strong transformation process which will only work if you are dedicated. Therefore, there are no refunds just because you change your mind.
We have an extremely high compliance rate for an online education program and we work to make sure that our students stay actively engaged. This is not a program that people buy and forget about. It is a life-altering, profoundly engaging transformation on all levels. One of the ways we created that was by making sure that everyone is a big HELL YES to the process. That makes all the difference.
We also like having humanity in our programs, so if there is a legit emergency, we can consider a refund or allowing you to continue the program the following year.

I’ve done several coaching certification programs and training before, what makes this one any different?


There are four key elements of the VITATM Sex, Love & Relationship Professional Certification Program that make this certification highly individualized and unique:
1. Embodied Self-Practice
Students will be exploring their own sexuality and doing a deep dive into their own body as well as their relationships and capacity for love. This is where the essential, natural transmission of the work takes place, because you experience it first as a student, then transfer that transmission of the experience to your clients as a coach. This will make you a true teacher of integrity because you have gone deep within yourself and have done the work, and your clients will be able to feel that.
2. The VITATM Coaching Method
I am going to teach you my proven VITATM Coaching Method (The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach to Coaching) that takes you step-by-step from session one to session ten on how to take a client from suffering or struggling to healing and integration. This is my very own proven method that I use in my own personal coaching sessions. You will not only receive the framework, but you’ll also be able to tailor it to your particular niche so you can go deeper with clients on the specific issues you will address as a coach.
3. The Coaching Practicum Sessions
Each student will have the opportunity to coach and be coached live with their peers in the program to gain a solid understanding and experience using the advanced tools and techniques during the program. Most programs allow for practicing the tools once or twice, but you will repeatedly use them over and over again until you are fully confident and motivated to use them with clients. This was designed to help you feel ready and prepared to be a successful coach upon graduation.
4. Brilliant and Inspiring Community
For most coaching programs, you can just click the “buy” button. We care a lot about your success and the reputation of this program, so every student goes through an application and interview process. That means you’ll be surrounded by peers you can respect, and you’ll be certified in a program that will be taken seriously by clients.

Is the program for heterosexual women only or do you welcome women with other sexual preferences?


I fully welcome and celebrate lesbian, queer, bisexual and pansexual women and any other sexual identities and choices in this course. I fully embrace and celebrate LGBTQ+ sexuality and want it to be fully included in Tantric work. I’m a teacher who comes from heteronormative teachers and systems - I myself am sexually fluid but not queer-identified - and I welcome all sexual orientations and queer-identified women to the program. I’m much more inclusive than most Tantra teachers out there, and I believe that all sexual orientations are healthy and natural expressions of human sexuality.
In this program, it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. You work with your own body and sexuality in a way that empowers and supports your sexuality, independent of a partner or your sexual orientation.
However, some of the language in the program is heteronormative. If you feel okay and safe to adapting that to yourself and to how you will work with LGBTQ+ clients in the future, then I fully support you joining this program. We really, really need more coaches doing this work who are specializing in LGBTQ+ sexuality, both in their own experience and with their clients, because for too long this work has been taught in a very heteronormative way. The Tantra community needs queer-identified people to create an alternative to the traditional and heteronormative Tantric culture. If you join the program, we will welcome your feedback on how to be even more inclusive - with the understanding that when you are working with practices in the program, there will sometimes be heteronormative language. But as you learn the practices, you can easily adapt them to fully support your clients.

Is this program suitable for CIS-gendered women only or do you welcome non-binary folks and trans women?


In my material and courses, we use the word woman for any person who identifies as a woman, regardless of their assigned sex at birth. I acknowledge that gender is non-binary, fluid, and on a spectrum and support each individual’s right to live in alignment with their gender identity.
I fully welcome and celebrate anyone who identifies as a woman, regardless of sex assignment at birth, and non-binary folks to join this program. I desire for non-binary and trans people to be fully included in Tantric work.
That being said, this course is gendered and uses gendered language and I’m a teacher who comes from heteronormative teachers and systems. I’m much more inclusive than most Tantra teachers out there in that I feel that femininity and masculinity are fluid and self-created (meaning you define what masculinity and femininity is to YOU, not what society tells you it is) and it's more important for someone to be authentic than to try to adhere to a rigid idea of what gender is supposed to be.
My desire is to be as inclusive of trans and non-binary folks as possible, but there are current limitations in the program content and material. For instance, we have a Men's Coaching and a Women's Coaching section, but there isn’t an entire separate coaching structure for non-binary identities. Instead, we have conversations about how to use the practices based on how someone identifies and what sexual organs they relate to or want to work with. While I want this to be a safe and inclusive space, I haven’t created a whole body of work around being queer, trans or non-binary. Instead, you’ll learn how to share and use the practices, which are based on biology and sexual identity, in a way that is unique to how your clients identify and what they desire.
If you are non-binary or trans, feel into what you need to be safe. If you're okay working with practices that are labeled "Men's" and/or "Women's" in a CIS-gendered, heteronormative, and traditional sense without the mentioning of non-binary or trans people in the content, and you feel supported to navigate and make the content applicable to your clients and community, then this program could work for you. However, if that doesn't feel like enough safety or acknowledgment, we totally understand.

Here is what the 10-part system of the VITA™ Coaching Method includes:

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6-months of free Sex Goddess membership training with Layla
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*LIVE* 4 Group Coaching calls with Layla to set you up for business and coaching success
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*LIVE* "Hottest Sex Ever" 2-week training with head teacher Erika Alsborn
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Two of Layla's signature programs (Obliss, Jade Pleasure, Men's Sexual Mastery OR Epic Lovers)
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Two week "Up-leveling Wealth Consciousness" program to fall in love with making money and charge what you are worth
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Live 6-week Essential Foundation Training series with Layla to understand brand building and high level coaching
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6 months of weekly BONUS Coaching + Business Development Calls in 2020!
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$499 a month X 24

$10,000 bonus value!


The 1 Year (650-hour) VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification Program

Extended 24-Month Payment Plan


Or pay upfront & save $479USD

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Two week "Up-leveling Wealth Consciousness" program to fall in love with making money and charge what you are worth
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Live 6-week Essential Foundation Training series with Layla to understand brand building and high level coaching
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6 months of weekly BONUS Coaching + Business Development Calls in 2020!
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One of Layla's signature programs (Obliss, Jade Pleasure, Men's Sexual Mastery OR Epic Lovers)
($750 value)

Live 6-week Essential Foundation Training series with Layla to understand brand building and high level coaching
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6 months of weekly BONUS Coaching + Business Development Calls in 2020!
($2,500 bonus value)