Relationship Deep Dive

This program will take your relationship to new depths where you and your partner will:

  • Learn potent sacred sexuality tools to expand your intimacy and explore new ways of playing and falling in love
  • Strengthen your relationship through high-level communication skills, vulnerability, and safe space holding
  • Be fully present with each other so you can connect intentionally and more sensually, deeping your bond as a couple

This is a potent transformative space for you to do some deep sharing, exploring, and connecting with your partner.

Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality,
Creator and Founder

Layla Martin as seen in:

This program will transform your relationship by elevating your sex life and strengthening your connection and intimacy.

Think of it like doing a Tantric retreat for your partnership...

You’ll learn potent sacred sexuality tools to expand your erotic connection and explore new ways of playing and falling in love… all from the comfort of your own bedroom!

We’ll do weekly LIVE Deep-Dive Sessions where you learn to hold a safe space for each other, strengthen your connection and learn high-level communication skills... As well as Sacred Sexuality Date Nights where you get to explore the magic of Tantra, ecstatic massages, energy orgasms and much more.

Sounds like the exact retreat you and your partner could use right now?

Then this is the program for you!

In this super special relationship program you will get:

  • amazing Tantra and sacred sexuality tools that will bring a renewed sense of passion, aliveness, and attraction to your relationship
  • connection tools that invite you to fall in love all over again and deepen your sense of intimacy and bond as a couple
  • high-level communication skills so you can avoid arguing and instead focus on profound healing and elevating growth work together
  • a profoundly safe space to share, explore, and play together freely, authentically, and with NO judgment, ever

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