VITA™ Sacred Sexuality

This program is a profoundly safe space where you get to:

  • Claim your crown, unapologetically take up space, and activate powerful energy to uplevel all areas of your life
  • Awaken your sacred sexuality by resolving your past and embracing total self-love so you can fully delight in all of life’s pleasures
  • Be loved and witnessed in your truest self: your emotions, feelings, and thoughts will all be celebrated and honored

This is a potent transformative space for you to do some epic healing while birthing your most extraordinary self.

Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality,
Creator and Founder

Layla Martin as seen in:

Custom-designed tools to uplevel your life each month

For this program, I’ve designed spectacular new processes to ignite, transform and up-level each area of your life.

Each month, we’ll focus on a theme like love, pleasure, orgasm, relationships, self-love, sacred sexuality, power, money, your goddess nature and other such spectacular things...

And apply my uniquely rapid VITA™ process of breathwork, pleasure practices, healing/integration tools, and elevation work to open you up to an inner world of confidence and sweet, sweet joy.

So if you want a safe space to be vulnerable, open, and 100% you... If you want deep support from me and encouragement from our loving community... And you’re ready to claim your highest desires and feel AMAZING inside and out…

Then this is the program for you!

In this unique and exquisite program, you will get:

  • the most profound sexual practices that will transform your sexuality to be authentic, delicious, luscious, and totally YOURS
  • powerful pleasure practices to unlock every possible kind of orgasm you can think of (and yes, there are MANY different ones waiting to be explored)
  • deep healing and integration practices to release fear, shame, guilt, and trauma so that you can feel safe to claim your inherent worth and unconditional love for yourself
  • potent elevating practices to reprogram your nervous system so that you can live in an uplifted state of joy, pleasure, aliveness and celebration
  • additional month-by-month practices that allow you to heal and empower specific areas of your life like love, pleasure, orgasms, relationships, money, and many more...

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