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Hi, I’m Layla Martin, and I invite you to discover outrageous amounts of pleasure, epic sex, and profound intimacy in your relationships with one of my programs. I founded the VITA™ Institute for you to not only experience a whole universe of ecstatic pleasure and real love... but to also discover more energetic aliveness and profound beauty in your everyday life. All of my programs are based on my proprietary VITA™ Coaching Methodology which combines the deep wisdom of Tantra with scientifically validated methods for transformation.

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Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality,
Creator and Founder

My Commitment to Your Growth

I’ve spent a decade and over 10,000 hours of teaching, research, and personal experience to create the highest level trainings available.

I guarantee that all of my trainings are powerfully effective and that every program will not only change your life...

But you’ll also experience more epic sex and legendary love on a regular basis.

Discover one of our online programs for women, men, couples, or coaches below.

For Women


Learn how to let go of sexual hangups and have all the pleasure you deserve with my six week Orgasmic Masterclass for women.

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For Women


Unlock outrageous pleasure, ecstatic orgasms, and delicious self-love in this 6-week Crystal Yoni Egg course.

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For Women

VITA™ Sacred

Join this exquisite and profoundly safe space to experience your life as wonder woman and a sex goddess while being loved as your unapologetic self.

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For Coaches

Sex, Love &
Relationship Coaching Certification

Become a brilliantly successful coach with a lifestyle you love and desire. The most advanced and in-depth business & coaching certification available.

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For Men

Sexual Mastery

Unlock Your Full Masculine Power & Sexual Potential with my new six week Sexual Mastery Masterclass for men.

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