Layla Martin

Sex & Relationship Educator, Speaker

Layla Martin is the founder of The Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality. Drawing on her 10-plus years of experience and more than 10,000 hours of teaching and research, she helps people experience wild pleasure and freedom in bed and in life.

Whether through her YouTube channel, books, newsletters, or programs, she motivates millions to experience more epic sex and legendary love, and she has been featured in numerous media outlets including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Refinery29.

Having experienced sexual abuse as a child, Layla’s on a mission to create a national, heartfelt dialogue around sexual abuse, shame and healing. Her goal is to help victims move beyond their trauma and thrive sexually. Her work empowers singles and couples to deepen their sexuality, whether they’ve dealt with trauma or not.

Layla studied sexuality at Stanford University, and she spent seven years studying tantra in Asia. She lives in Venice Beach, California with her romantic and business partner, Andrew.

Layla on stage with Esther Perel, Nicole Daedone and Jenni Konner, executive producer of GIRLS.

“Orgasm Goddess”
Layla Martin
The Headmistress
of Pleasure
Tantra and orgasm whisperer Layla Martin strips away the layers of repression keeping us from experiencing our full orgasmic pleasure.

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Experience the electrifying presence of Layla on stage, where she ignites intelligent conversation and delicious curiosity over what is possible in the realms of sexuality.

She’s led thousands of people through presentations and interactive experiences about the hottest topic—sexuality, relationships and Tantra. Her presentations are profound and wildly entertaining, yet highly suited to professional environments.

Suggested Speaking Topics

1. The power of "Sexual Self Care"

How cultivating a healthy relationship to your sexuality can completely transform your health and happiness.

2. Twenty-First Century Tantra

A look into how this ancient system is more relevant than ever and hugely beneficial for improving the love lives of our generation.

3. Ending Sexual Shame

How ending social shame & taboos around sex could be the key to a more healthy society in all areas of life.

4. Making Millions With Healthy Sex

How a sexual abuse survivor healed herself and built a multi-million dollar sexual self-help brand in the process.

5. Creating Conscious Relationships

Electrifying advice on how to build truly satisfying relationships based on personal and spiritual evolution.