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Experience Epic Sex and Legendary Love

Enter a magical Tantric playground where you will…

✨ Experience sexual ecstasy that lasts for hours

✨ Embody mystical states of awareness from orgasm

✨ Feel totally safe in intimacy with your beloved


These things aren't made for the "chosen few"...

… We’re all designed for magnificent sex and relating.

While a true spiritual sexual path evolves over a lifetime…

Even just 15 minutes of the right practices can completely change your sex life forever.

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Learn the practice of Sex Magic

  • Experience full body energy orgasms.
  • Discover why this is the most powerful manifestation practice available (and why it was hidden).
  • Harness the power of your sexual energy to create your dreams.

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This practice works for men, women and all genders.


Hi, I'm Layla

I’ve been studying and teaching Tantra for almost 20 years.  Cosmopolitan magazine calls me "The Headmistress of Pleasure," and Women's Health Magazine calls me, ”The Sexpert Extraordinaire” and I once got a Fox News anchor to say "yoni massage" on air.

I studied Human Biology at Stanford University and my podcast This Tantric Life has over a million downloads and I still have a hard time not spilling things all over myself when I eat.

I’m the founder the VITA™ method, a Tantric approach to sex, love and relationships that heals your trauma and upgrades your whole love life so you can have magnificent sex and an incredible relationship no matter where you are starting from.

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Stories of Transformation

"I had so much fun, and it was so exciting, and it just completely uplifted me to another level and transformed me."

—Erika D., Australia

"Within the first week, I felt more confident than I had in 13 years, I felt at home within my body again and felt the sensations of my body again and that deepened as the weeks went on."

—Arin P., USA

"I became somebody that could fully connect to her body and love it madly and shamelessly. I found that power was inside of me all along."

—Sasha O., Mexico

"In doing this work, I found myself feeling so alive in a way that I've been longing to feel for a really long time."

—Hilary K., USA

"This gave me a full embodiment of 'I am woman, making money, and I love it' It’s sassy, outrageous and radical! It’s something to totally celebrate."

—Phoebe R., England

Experience proven programs for your most powerful sexual transformation.


This Tantric Life

with Layla Martin


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This Tantric Life invites you to dive deep into sacred sexuality and conscious relationships.

Aubrey and Vylana Marcus

Featured guests include: Aubrey Marcus, Mama Gena, Alison Armstrong, Sahara Rose and so many more...

Layla Martin and Suzy Ashworth

Tune in and learn practical tools to embrace your truth and awaken your full potential as a human being.

Magnetic Energy Training

Discover How to Use Pleasure to Activate Your Dream Life in This 30-Minute Free Training