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  • Reignite passion and intimacy
  • Transform self-doubt into confidence
  • Achieve ecstatic, fulfilling orgasms
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If you're ready to...

  • Ignite the most epic pleasure you've ever experienced...
  • Heal deeply-rooted inner wounds...
  • And cultivate intimate, fulfilling relationships...

VITA™ Sacred Sexuality is the journey of transformation you've been waiting for.


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Layla Martin as seen in:

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How this Sacred Sexuality Initiation works...


The VITA™ Sacred Sexuality Initiation combines the sexual teachings and wisdom of Tantra and the Taoist traditions with ancient priestess teachings and modern trauma integration science.


What does this mean?

VITA™ Sacred Sexuality offers you the most complete and powerful system for unlocking your sexual and relational potential.

Powerful practices you'll learn inside VITA™ Sacred Sexuality include:


Pleasurable Breathwork

Grow your pleasure, have outrageously good sex and breathe yourself into mind-blowing orgasm.


Emotional Overhaul

Heal and release old wounds to move through blockages and unlock your highest self-expression.



Tantric Jade Egg

Use the Jade Egg as a portal to reveal the fullness and majesty of who you truly are.


Orgasmic Self-Exploration

Expand your orgasmic capacity to have full-body orgasms, anger-gasms, joy-gasms, heart-gasms... 

Sacred Sexuality not only gives you the ability to have the most incredible, OMG-I'm-so-happy-I-experienced-that-before-I-died kind of sexual experiences...

But also the deepest love and intimacy, both with a partner and with yourself.

Immerse yourself in the most exquisite, supportive safe space, allowing for deep vulnerability and a profound connection to your emotional and physical self.

Each month unlocks a new core theme, providing a structured approach that applies Sacred Sexuality teachings to every aspect of your life for a systematic upgrade.

This is your opportunity to join an inclusive and totally safe space, where it's not only acceptable but encouraged to feel all your emotions and show up EXACTLY as you are.


These are the themes we'll be covering in the next 12 months:


Don’t just take my word for it, hear from our community

VITA™ Sacred Sexuality has given me the language, tools and social support to finally be true to my expression of pleasure.
Kate K., USA

VITA™ Sacred Sexuality has helped me grow far beyond what I thought was expected of me and all the way to a fully orgasmic, awakened sexual woman.

Jasmin N., Canada
I’ve spent decades living in a limbo of “trying to be” something other than what I truly am. Through these practices, I’ve gotten a taste of my own wholeness and I really can’t imagine ever going back.
Olivia E., Italy
The VITA™ Sacred Sexuality program helped me recognize deep emotions that were living within my body. It was about 1000x more effective than any form of talk therapy I’ve ever tried... or yoga. Or meditation. Or plant medicine.
Erin E., France
I have never experienced something that's been both so unashamedly freeing and a powerful energetic awakening, while also being beautifully nourishing. I feel like I am remembering a part of me I hadn't even met yet.
Claire B., Germany
These powerful practices have illuminated a new level of depth that I can feel and experience. It's like learning this whole new side of myself - like getting to know myself for the first time.
Erin D., Canada

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Hi, I'm Layla

As founder of the VITA™ Method, I've been certifying professionals in a Tantric approach to Love, Sex, and Relationships for over 8 years and have worked with over 20,000 paying clients.

For over 20 years, I traveled the world as a devoted student of Tantra, training with the most high-level teachers of this powerful tradition. I studied human sexuality, neurosicience, and biology at Stanford University, and immersed myself in the energetic traditions of Taoism and early witchcraft.

Along the way, I personally curated a dynamic, holistic system from over 10,000 hours of practice and blending ancient traditions with modern techniques. The VITA™ Method is proven to help heal trauma, release limiting beliefs, and awaken life-changing levels of pleasure.

I dedicate myself to making these profound tools accessible through my VITA™ courses and professionally training VITA™ coaches worldwide.