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Unlock outrageous pleasure and exquisite self-love with a Crystal Egg

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Crystal Pleasure with Layla Martin

6 Week Masterclass

In this 6 week Crystal Egg Masterclass you’ll:

  • Fully explore and awaken your authentic sexuality in a safe environment

  • Train your vagina to orgasm through deep penetration so that you can experience incredible G-spot and Cervical orgasms.

  • Develop profound self-love and a deep connection to your body.

  • Learn Sex Magic to powerfully manifest what you truly desire

  • Heal old wounds and empower yourself with ways to move through challenging emotions while embracing higher vibrational states.

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for a strong, yet relaxed pussy that enhances health and vitality.

  • And lots more!

Layla Martin as seen in:

"Sexpert Extraordinaire"
"The Headmistress of Pleasure"
"A highly regarded Tantra teacher"
"My gynecologist... recommended her"

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After working with thousands of women all over the world, I know in my bones that when your vagina is deeply relaxed, deeply loved, deeply pleasured, and deeply cared for, it rewires your entire being, melting away issues… and revealing a more connected and passionate version of yourself.

So many female issues stem from stressed-out and unloved vaginas.
Just like a crappy digestive issue can ruin your whole mood, a neglected vagina can have far-ranging effects on your entire sexuality... and your life.

The ancient Taoist tradition, where crystal egg practices originated, saw the sexual organs as the center of your health. This means that the stronger and healthier your vagina is, the stronger and healthier you are. Taoist tradition also considers the vagina to be a portal to powerful life-force energy that can be used towards attaining whatever you desire.
And crystal egg practices have been used for thousands of years to activate this potent energy.

Plus, you’ll unlock the most magical orgasms, strengthen your pelvic floor, and awaken your more magnificent self.

A crystal egg practice can solve modern issues like...

  • Guilt and shame around feeling sexual pleasure

  • Addiction to vibrators, porn, or orgasming in only one position

  • Not feeling good enough, beautiful enough, or worthy enough

  • Feelings of neediness that nothing seems to fill

  • Chronically low energy levels

  • Low sex drive

Your vagina holds your greatest power and pleasure.

That's why Crystal Pleasure is here to support you and encourage you. No matter what you've been through, you can experience sexual healing.

And this course makes it safe, fun, and ultra-pleasurable.

Thousands of women who have taken Layla Martin’s yoni egg courses have reported that working with a crystal egg can:

  • Activate blissful waves of pleasure (on tap!) through your body

  • Unlock G-spot and cervical vaginal orgasms

  • Support you to resolve issues like pain, numbness and/or disconnection during sex

  • Connect you to genuine self-love and an authentic feeling of your own natural sexiness

  • Develop a deeper connection to your body and intuition

  • Awaken a deep inner knowing that you are worthy of thriving


Each of the six Crystal Pleasure modules will support you in upleveling your sexuality and life through teachings, practices, and community support.

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I'm Layla Martin, and I created the VITA™ Coaching certification after 20 years of teaching and over 10,000 hours of practice because I believe the world needs professionals trained to go deeper than talking and into the body, to heal with the transformational and radical power of pleasure.

I’ve spent decades studying the history of human relationships and sexuality – and on my own healing journey through lifetimes of shame, conditioning and trauma. Along the way, I’ve created a holistic system of healing techniques that integrate the embodied teachings of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality with modern neurobiology and desire-based coaching models. I am so proud to have trained over 1,800 VITA™ graduates to date through this wild and utterly transformational process!