Awaken to a life of deeper intimacy, heightened pleasure, and profound spiritual connection.



What if spirituality could make you fall more in love with the epic cosmic party that is life?

This Tantric Life by Layla Martin unlocks the secrets to a life of deeper intimacy, heightened pleasure, and profound spiritual connection.

  • Discover the ancient Tantric practices that can revolutionize your relationships
  • Cultivate a sacred, sensual energy that flows through every aspect of your life
  • Unleash your full creative potential and zest for living

Immerse yourself in This Tantric Life, a podcast that guides you on a journey of personal and relational awakening. Layla's in-depth, boundary-pushing conversations will empower you to embrace life's pleasures, navigate challenges with grace, and experience the divine in the everyday.

Discover a transformative approach to living each moment with deeper presence, passion, and purpose.

Layla Martin as seen in:

"Sexpert Extraordinaire"
"The Headmistress of Pleasure"
"A highly regarded Tantra teacher"
"My gynecologist recommended her"

What to Expect

Unlock magical realms of life and intimacy when you join the conversations I’m having with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. 
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Awaken your full sexual potential


Heal through dance, laughter and sacred sexuality.


Open your heart to deeper intimacy.

Top Episodes

The "God Bomb" and Worshipping the Divine Masculine

with Aubrey Marcus


We explore Aubrey’s intricate relationship and embodiment of the divine masculine and discuss the biggest lie society (and men) have ever been told…

We discuss the three-part model for relationships - rolemate, soulmate, and wholemate...

Plus, we also talk about how men can enter primal and flow states during sex…

How to Bring Out the Best in Men

with Alison Armstrong

Discover how to be attractive to the most healed, conscious men…

Whether you are currently in a relationship with a man and want to light him up even more…

Or whether you are dating and want to magnetize your highest partnership with a man…

You will learn to connect with men like never before.

Devotion to the Divine Masculine

with Mama Gena

We’re chatting in our sexiest lingerie while holding NOTHING back 🔥

Mama Gena dives deep into how she carved out her own pleasure path…

She shares tools for achieving wildly profound personal transformation…

And even reveals how she went from being repulsed by the Divine Masculine to being in complete devotion.

How I Learned to Worship Women

with Mike Posner

If, as a man, you want to truly offer your sexuality as a precious gift…

You have to train in sacred sexuality. 

If you want to be impressive in your career, your health or your confidence…

You train. 

Sexuality is NO different. 

Over 900 5-star Reviews

This podcast will change your life

"The range of topics relating to the true essence of life in all its expressions is mind-blowing." 🤯 Nola, USA

Full body yes!

"Layla is an amazing podcast host, teacher, and high priestess. Each episode feels like a party and community circle that I’m lucky enough to be invited to. " Jen H, USA

Best podcast ever!

"Can’t say enough good things about it - I’ve been waiting for Layla to make a podcast and was so happy when it finally happened. It’s the only podcast I build into my weekly routine to ensure it gets listened to. " Deb, Canada


"This is exactly the type of conversations the world needs to be hearing and eventually having." Ramona, USA



"Each time I listen I Learn wonderful new things that I can apply in my life or add to my collection of interesting thoughts that eventually I will apply to my life. Layla is a wise and wild leader and following her is pure gold. " Tanya, UK

Thank you!

"I’m just so grateful for Layla and the energy/wisdom/knowledge/love that she spreads."  Michael, South Africa

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Latest Episodes




The Art of Healing Yourself with Blu

Deja Blu is a super engaging storyteller, activation artist, podcast host and co-founder of Florescence – a modern mystery school for women…

And some of my most incredible lessons have come from her brilliance ;)

On this episode, Blu explores, in depth, the two things she says she “really knows how to do in this life…”

Playing and praying


Building Sacred Union & Experiencing the Full F Yes with Aubrey & Vylana Marcus

Aubrey and Vylana explore their individual journeys that lead them to their sacred union…

How to create the essential factor of safety in your relationship…

And how to re-build trust in the divine feminine and masculine when it’s been lost.

Aubrey and Vylana reveal the intimate details of falling in love and how they’ve learned to meet each other in excellence to create a relationship that’s deeply fulfilling.


Why F**king Better will Ultimately Save the Planet with Jamie Wheal

As one of the most accomplished people in the field of human sexuality and performance, Jamie joins me in exploring the magic of feminine biology…

How to practice foundational training for sexuality…

(Including practical skills you can start using right away 😉)

Meet Layla

Layla Martin is a thought leader in the intersection of sexual wellness, Tantra, erotic empowerment, and personal development. Named the Headmistress of Pleasure by Women's Health Magazine and a Sexpert Extraordinaire by Cosmopolitan, Layla has spent her life studying the science and deep magic of sexuality and human relationships. As founder of the VITA™ Method, she's been certifying professionals in a Tantric approach to Love, Sex, and Relationships for over 7 years and has worked with over 15,000 paid clients.