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Explore programs and live, luxury retreats designed to unlock the erotic and spiritual depths of Tantra.

What Tantra Can Do For You

  • Healing years of deep, spiritual pain and heartache
  • Embracing pleasure as an expression of the Goddess/ex
  • Engaging in sex as a sacred act
  • Shifting the way you interact with life and love
  • Enjoying life as a natural byproduct of a true spiritual path
  • And yes, accessing outrageous orgasms ;)

Hear how Tantra has changed our community's lives

We learned so many practices that opened us up to new levels of pleasure we didn't know were even available to us. We had good sex before, but we definitely have epic sex now!

Claire and Philip, UK

This retreat invites a deepening into the body/mind like nothing else. Through supreme guidance, excellent professionalism, and nourishing food and lodging, you are dropped in to experiences that will feel vulnerable and deeply empowering.

Liz J., USA

My partner and I grew together and connected in a brand new way - and not only on a sexual level. We were finally able to restart our sex life after 7 years of absolutely nothing.

Thomas and Olivia, Italy

This retreat is not just about sexuality... it's about the core relationship you have with yourself and the world. I opened into unprecedented levels and made friendships for life!

Masha V., USA

I learned to see my lover as a God and that is such a gift. It was so beautiful to see him at his most masculine and to be seen as a Goddess.

Bri and Mike, USA

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Exclusive programs and live, luxury retreats designed to guide you to the most transformative Tantric awakening.


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