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Why Did I Create MOOD™?

Why We’re Here

Between demanding careers, maintaining relationships and endless to-do lists, modern-day life can leave us stressed AF and too tired or in our heads to tap into the sex we crave. And all the talk about ‘fixing’ sky-high stress levels with self-care and meditation? It sounds good… but it can also create even more pressure, not to mention, add a few more tasks to a list that already feels daunting.

We created MOOD™ to help you experience more true, unadulterated pleasure in your life…

And to give you a way to break the stress cycle and tap into more incredible, magical sex. We invite you to step into enjoying pleasure that exists just for the sake of pleasure… not because you’re trying to reach some future, better state, but because you’re ready to enjoy true seduction and fulfillment right now.

That’s what MOOD is all about.

Through decades of study and experience, my team and I have discovered that the right plants can unlock incredibly powerful sexual experiences. From magical flowers to herbal aphrodisiacs, we’ve found what works. By channeling the benefits of nature, we’ve created a plant-based, natural way to address biological needs and help you release more energy, sensuality and arousal in your life. We’re so excited to introduce MOOD to the world so you can experience this depth of pleasure for yourself.

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Founder, MOOD Innovations

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