The VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification

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sex, love and relationships

The VITA™ Coaching Certification offers one of the most advanced professional certifications available in the world!

This 600-hour transformative training will teach you how to be a professional sex, love and relationship coach.

Training is powered by the VITA™ Method: a holistic process to heal and awaken through sexuality.

Backed by modern science and empowered by ancient wisdom, we help clients resolve their deepest wounds, and step into their most empowered selves using holistic tools like:

  • breathwork

  • pleasure practices

  • trauma healing

  • meditation

  • energy work

  • sounding

  • and movement

Layla Martin as seen in:

"Sexpert Extraordinaire"
"The Headmistress of Pleasure"
"A highly regarded Tantra teacher"
"My gynecologist... recommended her"

Join one of the fastest growing fields in health and wellness

Sex, love and relationship coaching is a rapidly expanding industry. Across the globe, people are diving deeper into their sexuality and relationships to unlock new levels of happiness, liberation and empowerment.


The sexual wellness industry was worth US$62 billion in 2020 and is forecast to exceed US$125 billion by 2026.


The global life coach market size is $1.4B and growing by 6.7% annually.

Top 5

Women’s empowerment and sex and relationships are amongst the top 5 fastest growing coaching niches.

Build the tools and confidence to change lives on a level beyond what everyday coaching can reach.



Total Self-Transformation

Trimester 1 guides you through the embodiment and practice of each and every tool you’ll be using with your clients to facilitate a groundbreaking personal transformation.


The 10 Core
VITA™ Coaching Modules

An exploration into the VITA™ Method, and the proprietary 10-module system for expertly transforming your clients in a systematic and lasting way.



Learn all the business and marketing skills to build a thriving, profitable coaching business. You'll be able to define your unique vision, niche and design high-end packages for your ideal clients.

Learn from Layla Martin, Founder of VITA™ and Headmistress of Pleasure, and a team of teachers trained in a diverse range of modalities.


Layla Martin

Founder of the VITA Method & Headmistress of Pleasure. Tantrika, Teacher, & Sex Goddess


Marina Nabão

Somatic Trauma Healer, Embodiment Coach & Body Enthusiast


Cory Scott

Trauma integration coach, psychotherapist & trauma specialist. Liberator of inner children.

Join a community of vibrant, visionary leaders changing the world through an empowered, embodied approach to love and sexuality.



"VITA™ Coaching made
me a better coach"


"VITA™ Coaching
changed my life"


"I feel that anyone interested in becoming a sex, love, and relationship coach would be smart to consider the VITA™ Coaching certification. The amount of content, variety of learning, different teaching styles with the senior teachers, and the community support is wonderful. The possibility to unlearn societal programming and gain more in-depth sexual and sensual education is so invaluable. It felt quite sacred overall, and also fun at many times... It's an overall well-rounded program!"
"I was a practicing OB-GYN and was looking for something that was going to make it more pleasurable to me. I joined the coaching program to be able to help my patients enjoy their sex lives and I feel like I have something substantial to offer my clients now. I'm only offering 6 month packages now and am charging $10,000!"
Dr. Renee Hilliard

Transform your living – AND your life!


Your most empowered self awaits

Unleash your highest potential through deep, internal transformation rooted in mysticism and science. Uncover radical success and empowerment you’ve only dreamed of.

Guide others to impactful, thoughtful healing

Discover how to confidently own your transformative healing abilities, offering your unique superpowers to your clients and providing them a space for deeply spiritual, life-changing work.

Learn new skills and set your practice up to thrive

Build a toolkit of both coaching and business techniques that can dramatically uplevel your practice and allow you to go further and deeper with your clients, giving you an edge and exponentially impacting your business.

Build a life that lights you up inside and out

Be your own boss and coach from virtually anywhere in the world, or from the comfort of your own living room. Unearth the confidence to charge what your work is truly worth, allowing you to begin earning 5 figures a month.


I'm Layla Martin, and I created the VITA™ Coaching certification after 20 years of teaching and over 10,000 hours of practice because I believe the world needs professionals trained to go deeper than talking and into the body, to heal with the transformational and radical power of pleasure.

I’ve spent decades studying the history of human relationships and sexuality – and on my own healing journey through lifetimes of shame, conditioning and trauma. Along the way, I’ve created a holistic system of healing techniques that integrate the embodied teachings of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality with modern neurobiology and desire-based coaching models. I am so proud to have trained over 1,800 VITA™ graduates to date through this wild and utterly transformational process!