Layla Martin is equal parts playful and deeply knowledgeable.

Her playfulness helps break the deeply held taboos around sexuality and her vast knowledge helps drive home the message around sexual liberation.

Every century or so, a truly revolutionary thinker comes along who is able to integrate knowledge and experience in ways that advance understanding and practices. You are she. Layla Martin, you are extraordinary. I'm honored to know you.

Layla’s work gets to the crux of the inner suppression that’s kept so many women sick, tired, and fighting to make their lives work.

I’ve personally experienced huge benefits in my relationship and sexuality as a result of her amazing work!

Layla Martin is one of the leading voices of our generation, and there is no woman more fierce or brilliant to be leading a new sexual revolution.

I’ve been able to take my own sexual capacity to next-level goddess shit and cultivate such a deep trust in my capacity to go super, super deep. All yesses to Layla.

I worked with Layla to improve my sex life, strengthen my relationship and to invest in myself and my marriage. I’m a business owner with a professional background in education and virtual learning. Her delivery is pitch-perfect in terms of blending emotional connectedness, honesty and constructive education. Compared to other things I could spend money on, the investment has been well worth it and a no-brainer in hindsight.

Layla’s dedication to empowering women via the reclamation of their sexuality is revolutionary, and I will be forever grateful.

She mixes ancient Tantric wisdom with modern psychology in a way no one else does.

Layla Martin is the real deal. In a world that teaches women to fear their sex and fear their power, Layla is able to compassionately and vulnerably open doors for women to connect to their sensual brilliance and confidence. She embodies the heart and soul of sex.

Layla courageously leads the way towards a new era of humankind.

I did this to improve my sex life. After only two sessions I’ve learned SO much and seen so many results.

Layla Martin is a special & remarkable teacher because her knowledge has both depth and breadth, her wisdom is embodied and her personality delivers life-altering experiences tangibly, relatably and with joy, enthusiasm and pure bliss!

Layla Martin is special because she is who she is! She is authentic, amazingly approachable and real. There is no I am here and you are there, so please talk with my assistant. She is in the pussy trenches with us, walking with us side by side, guiding us from a place of incredible knowledge and transmissions!

I do a hell of a lot of personal work and one day I realized that I had never looked into my sexuality at all...and WOW! I feel like I’ve found a treasure chest inside me.

It just blows me away...This program takes you by the hand and guides you to think much bigger possibilities than I would have thought possible.

I can feel changes in my whole system. I feel more connected with my body, I feel more self-love, I feel more alive.

We’ve been married for about 5 years…we have a couple of young kids. It was like a jump start for our relationship. I experienced the kind of pleasure, love and connection that I didn’t think was possible.

The exercises were so doable, you don’t have to be some expert pornstar guy to work through this stuff and you develop your skills from week to week.

I got an awful lot out of the course, much more than I expected. It helped take the lid off the way I was brought up…and the shame around expressing and feeling my sexuality.