You could say that I get off on showing you how to get off in epic ways.’s also deeper than that. If you spend time here learning these tools and practices (and using them in your life)’ll discover how to have outrageously awesome sex…with shameless self-love...while exploring the absolutely exquisite depths of intimacy - both with yourself and others.

I’ll show you how to have cosmic-energy orgasms while healing your deepest wounds and sexual hangups…

I’ll show you how to sparkle with your own radiant beauty while recovering your authentic sexual essence…

And we’ll do it while laughing, crying, and generally celebrating the mind-blowing fact that we are all on a tiny rock circling a ball of fire through infinite space and it is just. so. damn. beautiful.

What makes me different

I’ve shared my work with over 125 million people through my YouTube channel and have a weekly email audience of 325,000+ people.

I’ve been devotedly studying Tantra for 19 years while combining mystical practices that work with the most up-to-date scientific approaches to healing trauma and transforming the nervous system.

My programs have taught over 12,000 women, men, and non-binary people my unique process of using breath, sound, movement, meditation, and energy awareness to awaken the kind of incredible sexual experiences you think about at your moment of death.

I also believe in empowering you deeply while treating you with profound compassion in a space of true safety as you get to explore such an intimate and personal topic.

I believe that every single part of us
is worthy of love.

I believe that we are whole and brilliant in our soulful core.

And I am here to guide you back to your fullest, most brilliant self on a path of love and celebration and outrageously amazing pleasure.

You deserve this. We all do.

If you are curious about how I got here, I’d love to share with you…

During my twenties, I carried bucketloads of trauma due to being sexually abused by my biological father as a child, and as a result, I was totally freaked out by all things sexual.

Lace underwear: freaked me out.
Men: freaked me out.
My own body: totally freaked me out.

So, you could say, I was looking for ANSWERS.

While I learned a lot about sexual function and behavior during my human biology and sexuality studies at Stanford University…

I was looking for a way to truly, deeply awaken our sexual possibilities in a practical way. So...

On a trip to India at the age of 18, I read my first book on Tantra and, like one of those super lightning-flashy OMG moments, I was like, “This is what I am doing with my life.”

While finishing university, I started traveling back and forth from Asia, determined to find the REAL Tantra.

And, look, I did some super wild stuff with some super weird Tantric gurus that would raise some serious eyebrows.

But, I was so so hungry to find the truth.

For about 10 years, I dedicated myself to understanding the depths of sexuality, transformation, and spiritual awakening.

And, yes, I went from aching self-hatred to an ocean of self-love.

I stopped seeing pure ugly in the mirror and started seeing the MF-ing Goddess herself.

I stopped crying during sex and started having ecstatic, universal orgasms.

I stopped pushing men away and found my beloved Andrew.

And I was like, you know what? I think I’m done living in this hut. I’m going to move to New York City and bring this oh-so-good Tantric sexual healing goodness to the world.

(And wear high heels again and red lipstick!!!)

I co-founded this website with my beloved partner Andrew. I filmed my first YouTube videos and made my first online programs...

Women’s Health Magazine calls me, “The Headmistress of Pleasure,” and Cosmopolitan Magazine calls me the “Sexpert Extraordinaire.”

I created the VITA™ Institute with a one-year professional certification to become a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.

I’ve built a community of hundreds of thousands of amazing people who celebrate themselves and their lives.

You could say I’ve succeeded, but I am Just. Getting. Started.

Why? Because...

I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful parts of our human experience and we are vastly repressed in the area of our greatest aliveness and beauty.

I’m on a mission for all of us to stop surviving and start THRIVING.

Every week, my team and I spend days creating super high quality (free!) content that will take you one step at a time towards the sex, love, and relationships you’ve always craved deep down inside.

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