I've got something pretty intimate to share with you.

Basically there is no word in the English language that can express how I feel about the cervix.

“Love” actually doesn’t cut it.

And here is why…If I have cervical orgasms with my boyfriend, I not only fall madly, deeply in love with him for the following few days, but I’m supremely happy for no reason at all.

AND I usually experience a rocking spiritual union that shifts my perspective from tiny to cosmic.

The first time I had a cervical orgasm, after I was done collecting myself up from total ecstatic annihilation on the bed, my first thought was…

My god, I have to tell the whole world about this.

Because the cervix is intimately connected to all the best parts of your female brain.

Bliss, ecstasy, connected relating, spiritual union, wisdom of the ages…your cervix holds the keys, baby.

And pretty much NO ONE is talking about this.

To you, the cervix might be painful or something you’d rather leave alone.

I think that’s a crime.

So, I’m breaking it down for you…

9 Steps to having Cervical Orgasms – Watch them below.

To discover more about cervical orgasms and lots of other wonderfully pleasurable orgasmic techniques check out my Obliss Course here which is opening up again soon.

And please let me know in the comments below: Have you ever had a cervical orgasm and how did it make you feel? or are you keen to discover your first one?

It is high time we ladies talk about this and wake up the most holy and ecstatic parts of ourselves.


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