You know I’m all about the beauty of woman.

But I have to say, there is something we are collectively horrible at.

In the thousands of women I’ve worked with, I’ve noticed that most women don’t really celebrate their superpowers.

Generally, I find a woman bitching about the greatest gift she was given.

I call this “problematizing.”

Even if you don’t outright complain about your talents, you probably don’t celebrate them as fully as possible.

I’ve been insanely guilty of this in my life.

I got gifted with a genius mind that teachers would marvel at…

But did I love my intelligence?

God no.

During college I would constantly be questioning myself. At parties I would be thinking…“yep It’s so easy to be smart if you’re a man, all the men get swarmed with women if they say something really smart, but if I say anything intelligent I’ll just be left standing alone. Why can’t I just be a little more sweet and a little less smart.”

But even when I got over my whiny trip and accepted that there are lots of great men who get way turned on by smart women – I still didn’t love my mind.

It was still, sort of a problem.

You’ve likely come across this.

Do you know a woman who’s bomb-shell gorgeous and wakes up looking like Sophia Loren?
But you still hear her say…“Men only want me for my body. It’s so hard to find people who value who I really am.”


Do you know a woman who’s a business powerhouse with serious wealth?
But you still hear her say…“I just intimidate men so much. It’s hard for them to feel masculine when they don’t earn as much as me.”


Do you know a woman who’s dreams are prophetic? She can pierce the secret inside world of people’s souls?
But you still hear her say..“Everyone thinks I’m so weird. It’s hard to be so different.”


Do you you know a woman so radiant that people turn to stare at her?
But you still here her say.. “It’s so hard to walk down the street, I’m always getting harassed, cat-called. Other women’s husbands hit on me. Sigh.”


Do you know a creatrix of potent ideas and energy?
But you still here her say.. “I’m so afraid of my own power. I don’t want other people to feel small or judge me. And I’m confused there are just so many different options, I don’t know what to choose…”


Do you know a woman so devotional that her heart longs to be in poetic prayer constantly?
But you still here her say.. “Where are all the conscious men?? Why can’t spiritual men make money and pin me down on the bed?”


Now, did the world problematize our gifts before we did? Yeah, you bet it did.

We don’t live in a world that knows how to hold a physically gorgeous woman in a kind of awe that makes her feel appreciated in her beauty. We don’t live in a world that knows how to marvel in wonder at a woman’s power. A lot of people are scared of a woman’s gifts: her spiritual genius, her super-sonic love, her sex appeal, her magic.

That fear rubbed off on us.

And turned us against our own greatest gifts.

Not owning your gifts blocks gratitude. Gratitude is a high state of grace. Living in gratitude is the key to a life of ease and beauty.

Owning your super power is the fast track to living in a state of grace.

It’s time to let that inherited fear go, and shine in the glory you were given.

I had this awakening recently. I stopped resisting my uniquely brilliant mind. And I started to marvel in wonder at this beauty of my own brain. I might never get to live with this kind of brilliance again. This is my one shot to play around with this exact marvelous gift.

What would happen if you felt the same way about your gorgeous breasts? Or your laser-sharp intuition? Or your massive, glorious heart?

Sexuality is the domain where most of us have abandoned one of our greatest powers. Female sexuality is a potent source of super-power. But so many of us have been made to feel so guilty, and so afraid of our power, that we’ve turned against it.

I say, no more.

The world so needs powerful women. It needs you, wielding all of your glorious full-fledged super-powers.

How do you get there?



1. Identify your superpower.

This is something that stands way out about you. You might already know exactly what it is.

Or, it might be the thing that you complain about the most. Or, it might be hidden really deep.

I’ve seen women who were gifted the kind of massive appetite for life and pleasure that they are built to live a life of hedonistic abandon. But instead, they stuff that appetite down so far that they’ve spent their lives battling with diets and weight. I’ve seen women with such huge personal power that they never expressed and it’s imploded in on them and created heavy states of depression.

Sometimes you have to dig deep to re-cover your super-power. Sometimes it’s been hanging around all along, right in front of you, just waiting to be celebrated.

Here is an example of some common and uncommon superpowers:
– looking thirty-two when you’re almost sixty
– always being the “best oral sex he’s ever had.”
– people always wanting to bare their souls to you
– always seeming to get what you want
– having people turn their heads and stare at you when you walk down the street
– deeply understanding animals
– having the kind of courage that is game-changing
– knowing what other people feel
– loving “too much”

You can have more than one superpower, grace is kind like that.


2. Feel into where the people in your life could not hold your superpower.

Did you feel left out? Weird? Different? Unsafe? Judged? Did it cause problems or
Where have you turned away from your super-power and started to see it as an issue
rather than a blessing?


3. Love yourself for not having been held in your unique genius.

Feel the little girl or woman in you who wasn’t told how spectacular she was and is. It may have been smart for her to hide her superpowers in her previous environments. Let her know it’s safe know to allow her full brilliance.


4. Reclaim your super power.

Feel it in your body. Feel it’s power. Marvel at the gift you’ve been given. Give gratitude for your superpowers. You don’t know that you’ll ever get this particular gift ever again!


5. Use your superpower.

Go out and be your bad self. The highest form of gratitude is to use what you’ve been
given. Wear a stunning dress. Make a huge business deal. Tell someone you
understand. Be luscious, daring and brilliant.


6. Use your superpower in service of others.

Nothing beats the feeling of being a super-hero because you’ve got a super power and you had the courage to use it. If you’re gorgeous, reflect other people their beauty. Be an inspiration to little girls about how they can love and embrace their feminine beauty. If you’re powerful, use your power to lift up other women. If you’re insightful, be there for others. Don’t do it from a place of having to give, or obligation. Don’t drain yourself. Give once you’ve filled yourself up, and you’re ready to overflow. Then you’re truly celebrating your superpower.

…and wanna see a completely ridiculous photo of my superpower?


Yep, I’m rocking my super brain… 🙂

Finally, please let me know in the comments below: what’s your super-power and how are you going to use it? Or: let us know if you are you struggling to recognize it and how that makes you feel.

Embracing my big brain with love xx


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