What is the Divine Masculine?

It’s who a man can be when he is whole and in his truth and knows his own divine nature.

Most men are conditioned (just like women) to operate in ways that are toxic to themselves and others…

Just like women are socialized to reject themselves, be self-critical and perfectionstic and competitive with other women.

Men are socialized to reject themselves, to feel unworthy and to chase status symbols rather than knowing their own deep inherent value…

But most importantly, they are taught to forget their own divinity.

To forget their own magic.

I didn’t understand it until a few years ago – but patriarchy has truly been super toxic to men as well.

Under patriarchy, men were also brainwashed to forget their own sovereign spiritual power (and taught to listen to only priests or spiritual teachers instead)…

Under patriarchy, men were taught that their sexuality took something from their lovers…

They were taught to dehumanize women and use them only as controlled objects for sex, procreation or ego.

Sometimes we associate this behavior with men themselves…

But in actuality – this is how traumatized men behave.

And look, no one can help anyone out of trauma when we make their traumatized behavior out to be bad, wrong or evil… and lose our compassion for WHY they are behaving the way they do.

It doesn’t mean we can’t hold them accountable…

It means we don’t forget to be compassionate as well.

My favorite current quote about the patriarchy is:

“I don’t want to smash the patriarchy. I want to be the open, clear and gentle space where it can put down all of its weapons and weep it’s generations of grief.”

– Shanti Zimmerman

But look, you can’t help the patriarchy weep it’s way back to it’s heart…

Until you’ve made your way back into your OWN heart.

And that’s a big ask… because you’ve got trauma and pain, too.

We have to do our own healing first… and then we can become lighthouses for others.

So the biggest way to be magnetic to a King?

Whether you’re in a long term relationship and you want to stay magnetic…

Or you’re out in the dating world and you want to magnetize him to you…

Is to be a safe space for him.

And the same way you long for a man to see the Goddess or Goddex and the oracle and the beauty in you…

While also compassionately holding space for the little girl or child in you and understanding your pain and trauma…

He wants the same damn thing.

He wants to be seen as a God and a warrior and a cosmic mischief-maker…

While also having compassion held for his little boy or child and a deep understanding for his pain and trauma.

We’re all carrying pain.

We all have heartbreak.

We’re all lugging around the sorrow of loneliness and unworthiness and alienation.

Every person of every gender.

I haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t know these things within them.

As Ram Dass said, “We’re all just walking ourselves home.”

To see the Divine Masculine in men changes everything.

You know how a man is super magnetic when he sees, truly sees, the Divine Feminine in women?

When he serves the highest in women?

Not as some cheesy faux way of getting laid, but sincerely, out of devotion?

You know how goddamn sexy that is?

It’s the same way when you see the Divine Masculine in men.

When you start serving their highest.

Not just to have men fall at your feet in worship, but because you truly love them.

This is what I want for us… for ALL of us, of any gender, to learn to love and actually see men again.

Yes, it will make you magnetic to a King.

It’s the #1 thing I did to attract the highest caliber male partner.

I learned to love men.

Not just desire them or want them (which I’ve always done well ;))

No, I learned to understand and see them.

But for this to be real, you can’t do it just to get attention from them…

The love and devotion must be REAL.

It will also help us just see the truth of each other once again…

And put an end to this war that’s been going on for thousands of years between the genders…

So we can finally, truly, see and love and make love to one another again…

The way that we were truly meant to.

It’s a complex topic, so I made my whole first podcast season about the Divine Masculine.

(The podcast is called “This Tantric Life” btw, and it launches May 7th)

I’m interviewing Aubrey Marcus and Mike Posner, Alison Armstrong, Mama Gena, Matthew Hussey – and so many others – to learn about how each of us can see the Divine Masculine in men and even in ourselves.

When we do, the devotion will go all ways.

I love you…and I’m so excited to continue sharing this epic wisdom with you.

Stay Tuned…


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