"I felt like I healed 10 years in 1 week - this retreat is completely next-level and absolutely magical.”
- Jessie M, USA



Experience ecstatic connection and Tantric awakening


November 2-9, 2024 | Costa Rica


The VITA™ Eros Retreat will allow you to completely transform and uplevel:

Your sexuality

Your erotic magnetism and confidence

Your ability to form deep, healthy relationships

You'll be immersed in the most powerful practices for transformation from the VITA™ Method.




The VITA™ Method is a proven methodology that fuses ancient Tantric practices with modern, evidence-based healing modalities.

This transformative sexual healing and awakening system that allows you to 'have the most incredible sex ever and get your life back...' will be available to you at The VITA™ Eros Retreat.
Meticulously designed to invite you into the deepest healing ceremonies, the most ecstatic erotic awakening experiences and the most potent sacred sexuality tools of ancient and neo-Tantra...

This retreat portal will reshape your destiny of sex and relating forever...




And it'll all take place in the epic paradise of Costa Rican jungles, surrounded by wonderful people, incredible music and delicious food.




Layla Martin retreats have previously been exclusively for women and couples...

For the first time, we're excited to enthusiastically welcome men to participate in The VITA™ Eros Retreat!

You're welcome to join this transformative experience whether you're in a committed relationship...

Or single and looking for your dream Tantric partnership.

The VITA™ Eros Retreat will allow you to:

  • Experience a whole new level of intimacy and connection

  • Release sex negativity, body shame and intimacy fears

  • Awaken or master your sacred sexuality expression




This retreat is about claiming your ecstatic sexual power and confidence from the inside out.

My co-teacher (and beloved partner), Dr. Baback Amen, along with my exceptional team, are deeply dedicated to creating extraordinarily safe spaces for this kind of experience.
We know that erotic awakening can only happen with consent, clarity and professionally created containers.
After 17 years of teaching and leading live retreats, you can trust that you will be held in a meticulous way while you awaken beautiful, vulnerable parts of yourself.

This 7-day live retreat is built on a foundation of love, respect and safety…

Creating the environment necessary for you to experience your most wild, liberated eros activation…

In an exceptionally held, magical and full f**k yes way ;)



"After three years of marriage counseling and so many books and strategies and plant medicine journeys, my husband and I finally found each other at this retreat."

– Carly S, USA

Couples will be respected, honored and welcome to make a personal choice to practice just with each other or with others...




And if you come to this retreat as a couple, it will be a space to deepen your erotic connection together and to flourish in your partnership.


Singles are most welcome and celebrated and will partner together with other retreat participants with consent.


I can imagine you might be asking yourself,
“Is this a giant supervised orgy in the jungle?”


And the short answer is: no.


This is a retreat for claiming and owning your erotic self and while some experiences will be sexy in nature…


There will be no penetrative sex in the group rooms.


However, if you are single, part of the allure for many of you is to meet other Tantric singles and to explore what you are learning.


And this will be a sex-positive and celebratory environment where you can consensually explore what you are learning with others outside of the group spaces.


However, the central point of this retreat is to heal, to do the work and to grow in this potent tradition of practices, so please only attend if your primary intention is to empower yourself and to dedicate yourself to the process, first and foremost.

This retreat will serve as a powerful milestone in your life in terms of how you experience your sexuality and your own body...


Because life is too short for anything less than deeply awakened eros...

Wildly unapologetic self-love…

And a whole new world of the most ecstatic, next-level sex.


Early Bird

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$2,997 USD

  • Save $1000
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*This does not include cost of accommodations

The Journey of a Lifetime




The VITA™ Eros Retreat will train you in potent tools and techniques to help you have better sex…

Step into more deeply fulfilling intimate relationships or deepen your existing partnership…

Experience a total nervous system transformation…

And unlock a profound love for your body…

All within a residential experience deep in the lush, magical jungles of Costa Rica.




"When I got home from the retreat my partner asked what had happened as I was totally different. He said it was like he got f*cked by a woman who was radiating love."

– Julie L, Spain

This incredible retreat is a 7-day, 7-night transformative playscape...


Rooted in evidence-based healing practices and ancient mystical techniques for erotic awakening


As a truly defining moment in your life, this experience will teach you how to...

  • Rebuild your nervous system to radiate love

  • Fall deeply in love with all parts of yourself

  • Express yourself with greater confidence and authenticity

  • Heal inner child wounding around sexuality and self-expression

  • Trust your body and unlock deep power within you

Experience the electric energy of The VITA™ Eros Retreat




Early Bird

JOIN BY SEP 26, 2024


Save $39

$2,997 USD

  • Save $1000
  • Payment plans available

*This does not include cost of accommodations


JOIN BY NOV 2, 2024


Save $39

$3,997 USD

  • Payment plans available


*This does not include cost of accommodations

Explore how
The VITA™ Eros Retreat works



Activate and energize your chakras through channeling and balancing your breath to clear blockages and release stagnant energy.



Experience heightened states of consciousness, increase energy flow within your body and deepen your connection to self, others and the world.


(with partner)

Unlock your most ecstatic, liberated orgasms and experience intense pleasure through the circulation of breath and energy within your body.



Create a sacred, respectful space for exploration and connection that’s physically, emotionally and energetically safe for everyone involved.


(surrender and spaceholding)

Cultivate polarity through practices like consensual exchange of power and dominance/submission, generating a magnetic pull that enhances intimacy.


(solo practice)

Chart your destiny, manifest your deepest desires and create the life you crave by channeling your full sexual energy and power.

Discover why past VITA™ Retreat participants have left their incredible retreat experience forever changed

This retreat invites a deepening into the body/mind like nothing else. Through supreme guidance, excellent professionalism, and nourishing food and lodging, you are dropped in to experiences that will feel vulnerable and deeply empowering.

Liz J., USA

This retreat is not just about sexuality... it's about the core relationship you have with yourself and the world. I opened into unprecedented levels and made friendships for life!

Masha V., USA

The retreat created a new depth of connection and intimacy between us and was conducted with the utmost mastery.

Roman L, USA
Layla Martin as seen in:

Meet Layla




Layla Martin teaches a Tantric approach to sex, love and relationships and is the founder of the VITA™ Method.


She is called the “Headmistress of Pleasure” by Women’s Health magazine and a “Sexpert Extraordinaire” by Cosmopolitan magazine.


Since she began teaching in 2007, Layla has inspired millions of people to transform their sexuality and guide them to experiencing the outrageous pleasure, confidence and self-love they were born to feel.




Layla’s retreats have become sought-after live experiences that draw people from all over the world, featuring...

  • Live sacred sexuality teachings
  • Deeply supportive, like-minded community
  • Powerful practices and workshops
  • Boutique, luxurious global locations
  • Curated ritual and ceremonial experiences
  • High-level teaching teams
  • And so much more
Layla studied human biology and sexuality at Stanford University and spent over 20 years in Tantric practice, traveling the world and training with the most high-level teachers of this powerful tradition. With well over 10,000 hours of teaching, she has created the innovative VITA™ Method that blends mysticism and science and has taught over 20,000 paying clients.

She’ll teach you the deepest aspects of Tantric spiritual awakening and how to have the most cosmic energy orgasms.

Her teachings are playful, trauma-aware and an invitation back to the most epic sex and legendary love that we are capable of experiencing.

She has been leading sold out teaching retreats her entire career, which have, up until now, been exclusively available only to her students. For the first time in almost a decade, she’s making the incredible electricity of her live retreats available to the public with The VITA™ Eros Retreat.

As a retreat leader, Layla is known for creating an exceptionally safe foundation of love and respect, allowing for the deepest healing and the most transformative experiences to take place.

You can stay connected to Layla’s teachings at www.laylamartin.com, subscribe to her top-rated podcast, This Tantric Life, wherever you listen to podcasts, and follow her on YouTube – where she has over 165 million views.

Meet Dr. Baback Amen




Dr. Baback Amen MD, has a passion for holistic and integrative means of cultivating vitality. He has accumulated a depth of knowledge in the areas of…


  • Energy Mastery

  • Bio-optimization

  • Tantric Sexuality

  • Plant Medicine

  • Sacred Partnership


After graduating with honors from Monash University, Dr. Amen became a board-certified anaesthesiologist before undertaking further training in Longevity and Functional Medicine.


In his private practice, he has led a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals to help guide entrepreneurs, executives and high profile individuals to optimal health and function.


His engaged, appreciative and loyal client base includes high-impact entrepreneurs, Grammy Award winning musicians and celebrated Hollywood actors.


He has also been a devoted lifelong practitioner of the more esoteric and spiritual modalities of health promotion, such as meditation, breathwork, tantric and Taoist practices, and the ceremonial use of ancient plant medicines.




You'll be assigned a group leader to support you throughout your retreat experience in...

  • Building a connected community

  • Addressing any questions or needs that may arise

  • Providing a daily touchpoint in your group setting

You're ready for the erotic adventure of a lifetime...

You can feel the magnetic pull toward deepening your intimate connection with both yourself and others...




And you wonder if these potent, ancient tools and traditions are the missing piece in your personal and erotic evolution.


You envision yourself in a lush, vibrant jungle setting curated to awaken your senses as you explore what it means to experience your sexuality without limits…


And you crave sacred sexuality tools and techniques that not only enrich your pleasure, but celebrate your deepest empowerment.




Whether you're single and looking for your soulmate or part of a conscious couple, The VITA™ Eros Retreat holds the key to...

  • Unlocking new dimensions of pleasure and sexuality

  • Cultivating a profound sense of self-love and acceptance

  • Experiencing the most deeply fulfilling intimate connections

Your Investment

Early Bird

JOIN BY SEP 26, 2024


Save $39

$2,997 USD

  • Save $1000
  • Payment plans available

*This does not include cost of accommodations


JOIN BY NOV 2, 2024


Save $39

$3,997 USD

  • Payment plans available


*This does not include cost of accommodations