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Let me introduce myself

Hi I’m Layla, I’m a Tantric sex goofball and a hardcore science nerd at heart. Women’s Health Magazine calls me “The Headmistress of Pleasure” and I’ve had over 78 million views on my YouTube channel teaching my unique approach to sex.

After studying sexuality and human biology at Stanford University and Tantra in Asia for almost 10 years, I found answers about sex and spirituality that opened me up to a whole new level of understanding and blew my mind. 🔥🔥🔥

I’ve worked with male clients for more than 10 years, showing them how to upgrade their sex and love life by using systematized and mind-blowing tools like breathwork, sounding, movement, meditation, and energy...and how to apply them to experience the true depths of what sexuality has to offer with or without a partner.

You can learn more about me and how I can best support you over here.

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Watch some of my 200+ videos on Tantric sex & relationships

We all know that dope AF orgasms are amazing and everyone wants to be that unforgettable, epic lover (who’s both conscious AND masculine)... but HOW?! Let me break it down for you step-by-step in my videos with practical tools you can use today.

Life is short, so you’ll either cry or laugh (hopefully both) as I show you how to unwind unhealthy or weak sexual habits and replace them with the good stuff.

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If you are hesitating because you’re scared or think it’s not for you...It’s not weird, “new-agey” stuff. The tools are so simple but they give so much effect. It’s wonderful how much it can give, just dare to do it!

Vilma & Fredrik

I wanted to have great sex with new partners and I had an invaluable experience for creating a life-time of love and great sex.


I worked with Layla to improve my sex life, strengthen my relationship and to invest in myself and my marriage. Compared to other things I could spend money on, the investment has been well-worth it and a no-brainer in hindsight.


I wanted to learn how to orgasm in different ways and how to experience sex differently...I found this program to be effective, powerful and surprisingly fun.


Put where Maggie's currently is: I did this to improve my sex life. After only two sessions I’ve learned SO much and seen so many results.


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Want to go even deeper?

I’ve created the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality that includes my six-week Sexual Mastery Masterclass for men, designed to unlock your full sexual potential. It’s the most advanced training for men’s sexuality on the market.

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