If like me you’re a competitive person, with most sexual practices you’d think it’s all about winning first place…

But, in this week’s video, I’m going to teach you the art of cumming in last 😉

I’m talking about the art of Edging!

When it comes to delaying gratification, stretching your ability to feel more and more pleasure without any release is the name of the game.


Well, what’s amazing about delaying climax is that it actually enhances your ability to climax.

So even if you usually struggle to orgasm, this tool can help you to climax even more regularly!

By taking your focus off the goal and putting it onto being in pleasure in the moment instead…

…you will greatly enhance the depth, length and intensity of your orgasm.

Check out the video below and I’ll walk you through my three-step C.U.M. Tool (hahaha yes – that is the acronym we went for!)

Want to learn a breathwork technique that will enhance your pleasure and extend your orgasms? Then try my 10-minute Orgasmic Breathwork practice! This breathwork allows you to tap into your natural ecstasy so that you stay out of your head and in your fullest pleasure.

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