After spending two years on an island in Thailand studying deep spiritual Tantric practices, I headed back to New York City.

I was so ALIVE, so full of LOVE and PLEASURE and I thought everyone would be knocking me down to get these secrets to the universe!!!


No one really cared at all.

And to my utter surprise, it wasn’t because it was “dirty” or “weird” or “bad.”

People were like, “Oh, that sounds like a lot of work.”

And yes it certainly can be…but it doesn’t have to be!

Tantra was originally designed for men and women who had full-on lives.

So in that spirit, this video is all about how to have a Tantric experience fast and easy – A Tantric Quickie – a.k.a. Tantric Sex for Beginners and/or Slightly Lazy People 😉

Check it out below.

Love Layla


Tantric Sex For Beginners And/Or Slightly Lazy People

It’s 2015. So when I talk to people about having tantric sex, which I totally do with my Uber drivers and the wait staff and my friends’ parents, like all over town, they don’t tell me like, well, it’s amoral or weird, or like, I couldn’t have tantric sex. They actually say, Layla seems like a hell of a lot of work.

What I want you to know is that there are easy, simple tools that you can involve in your love making that, you know, you don’t have to last for hours and hours, at least not at first. And they’re quite accessible to turn you into a much more amazing master tantric lover, but really quick.

So like tantric, quickie, and most of the women I talk to are like, I’m totally down with having tantric sex. I’m just waiting for a dude who’s willing to give it a go. So you can reap the rewards of tantric sex without having to swear undying fealty to a strange guru, without having to learn Sanskrit, meditate for hours, or have Sting personally coach you in your bedroom.

Tantra was actually originally designed for people with urban lifestyles, with families, with jobs, to be able to have like a super highway entry point into amazing states of awareness in the human body. So in this video, I’m gonna share with you a really accessible four step process that’ll let you create a tantric quickie with your lover.

Okay? You ready for the tantric quickie? Too quick? Let’s rewind and start at step one.

Key Number 1 – is have a ritual before you start having sex. So the easiest, but really powerful one to do is eye gazing for a full five minutes. You sit across from each other on the bed, no touching, and simply stare into each other’s eyes. This instantly creates a deep level of connection with your partner before you’ve even touched one another.

Key Number 2 – create an intention for your love making. So this could be something like seeing the God or the Goddess in your partner, which means that as you’re making love with them, you’re seeing their best, highest, deepest qualities. You’re making love to the best version of your partner. This can really transform the interaction. You could also make an intention to experience deep passion and pleasure together during love making or even a more profound and authentic love for one another.

Key Number 3 – is to meditate while you’re having sex. So just like if you were gonna meditate in a yoga class or sitting on a cushion and you’d become fully in the present moment, aware of your sensations every single moment, what sensation is here without judging or changing the sensation. You’re just in the total present moment. Experience the way to do this while you’re having sex is to tune into your five senses.

It says, if you’re experiencing sensation for the very first time, can you smell as if for the first time touch as if for the very first time here as if for the very first time taste as if for the very first time and see as if for the very first time that connection to the five senses will ground you into the moment where the most outrageously incredible sex happens.

Key number 4 – is use your sexual energy to enter a trance state. Now, regular sex looks like this. You get really turned on and the sexual sensation and turn on is localized in your genitals, down in your pelvis. This can end up being kind of a waste because your sexual energy has the capacity to act like a drug on your brain. If you bring sexual energy up to your brain, by circulating it through your body while you’re making love, it’s like you’re entering these profound trance states of consciousness.

The best way I can describe it to you is like you’re taking natural drugs. It’s that profound and that powerful. So tantric sex would look more like this, where you’re taking your turn on and continuously distributing it throughout your body as you’re making love.

Now, the grand finale in orgasm in regular sex tends to look like this, it’s explosive. It’s brief. It feels pretty awesome, but the energy goes out of your body in tantric sexuality because of the circulation of energy and because you’re going deeper and deeper into a trance state, your body’s gonna get more and more relaxed.

Orgasm actually starts looking like this. Your entire body comes alive and glows with this magnificent glittery sexual energy in the aftermath, your orgasm, isn’t a brief experience, but it actually almost lights you up from the inside out for hours and hours to come. So even though this might seem like a lot, you can actually put all of this together in 30 minutes of love making, and the differences will be profound; in some cases, earth is shattering.

It’s really that powerful. So thank you so much for tuning in to Tantric Sex. It is one of my great passions and it’s absolutely a pleasure to be able to share it with you.

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