I unlocked the power of my breasts, my pussy, my heart, my solar plexus, and my third eye before I dared to journey into the realm of my womb.

In today’s video below, I share with you how to access the power of your womb…

And a meditation and breathwork you can use to unlock this deep, deep power.

(This process works whether or not you have a physical womb. If you want to access womb power but you weren’t born with a womb or had it medically removed, it’s fully possible with or without the actual organ. I’ll explain more in the video!)

A few months ago, I wanted to really explore the power of my womb, so I went out into nature in Ojai and did a womb awakening practice that went super deep.

Later that night, a few hours after I fell asleep, I woke up with excruciating pain in my uterus and started throwing up pretty intensely.

Andrew woke up to hold my hair and support me and asked, “Why is your throw up so black, Layla?”

There I was throwing up black stuff when I hadn’t eaten anything black all day.

I was undergoing a deep purification unlike anything I’d ever experienced in that part of my body.

(Don’t worry. The practice I’m sharing with you today isn’t likely to induce this type of purification :))

I’ve learned a lot about purification over the years and how intensely your body will release when you are ready for a major upgrade in your life.

For me, I was ready to dive even deeper into the realms of magic and feminine power. My word for this year is power and it hasn’t come easy. It’s come in gritty, gnarly, intense ways, but the power has come.

After that initiation into my womb, I felt my calling as a priestess much more powerfully on this path. There was a different dimension to my work.

I began to be asked to teach more Sex Magic. First to 40 women, then to 100 women, then to 900 women…yes, 900 women, thank you beloved Mama Gena!!!

There is really no telling what can happen when you begin to work with the power of your womb.

This breathwork process I’m offering you today is a gentle introduction to womb work and it’s also a beautiful thing to do regularly if you want to open your womb magic and power even more deeply.

You can download the free follow-along womb breathwork practice below

PS: One of the most powerful and healing ways to connect with your womb and dive deep into your feminine magic is through a jade egg practice. If you’re curious to explore and find out how the jade egg can help you experience more pleasure, self-love, and deep healing… then my Jade Egg Masterclass ‘Jade Pleasure’ is opening for enrollment next Wednesday the 25th of September. Learn more and get on the waitlist here.

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