As you know, I spent a good 10 years struggling to get out from under the metallic wet blanket from hell that was my childhood sexual trauma.

It literally felt like each and every day I was being held back by forces that overwhelmed my experience…

Making life a struggle when it didn’t need to be… making people feel like enemies who were just doing their thing… making my body a force I needed to constantly battle against…

I started huge fights with people who loved me, felt totally numb during sex, and had such uncomfortable feelings inside of my body that basic meditation felt excruciatingly horrible.

For the longest time, I didn’t know if I’d ever make my way out.

But I did. And I lit that heavy blanket on fire and danced in the ashes and found my joy –


And in this week’s video, I’ll share with you 5 of the most potent yet super gentle tools I’ve personally used to heal my own trauma and pain… And I’ll show you how you can apply the same tools to your life to come back into wholeness and reclaim your aliveness and joy.

What I discovered is that if you are carrying trauma, the way through it is the same process as self-realization and true spiritual awakening.

Trauma healing doesn’t have to be so dreary and hard… Yes, parts of it will be, but the overall journey can actually be one of hope, redemption, courage, and even… joy.

The key is understanding your own nervous system and trauma.

You see, the Tantric tradition had its own wise approach to trauma but many of those teachings were misunderstood or even lost, as the tradition was persecuted in India…

And science has only really been working to deeply understand trauma for the last 20 years, but over the years, there have been HUGE advances in our understanding of how to overcome trauma – both scientifically and spiritually.

I am a big believer in putting that information back into your hands – so you can navigate your own pain and struggles in a highly informed way.

This is why I weave gentle trauma healing into every one of my programs – because it’s a key part of the human condition and being able to understand ourselves.

There is truly no substitute for having a great trauma expert and/or therapist supporting you during your process, and I highly recommend working with someone to help you navigate and understand the process.

It’s so important to be empowered with your own tools and self-knowledge so that you can hold yourself through your life and relationships.

A little knowledge goes a long way – to making you understand that you’re not broken, how your body and mind are highly intelligent and working for you, not against you, and how there is so much hope and possibility in your trauma-healing process.

That’s one of my commitments to you: to share the tools and healing approaches that allow you to lift up and out and to process generational, ancestral, embodied, sexual, and social traumas so we can all be free together.

So watch this video to learn my 5 most potent and gentle self-healing tools and then click below it to get your free guided breathwork practice.

Breathwork is one of the most transformative healing tools on the planet, and I created a super-gentle healing breathwork practice for you to support you. If you’d like to explore this powerful healing tool and come back to your wholeness, aliveness, and joy, then click below to get your FREE guided healing breathwork practice.

P.S. You can also check out the work and books of Peter Levine, a fantastic teacher in this field who can support you if you are looking to do a deep dive.

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