Most women (in general) are not taking the space and time they need to TRULY be ready and excited for sex.

Seriously, with busy-ass lives and so much stress and pressure on top of all of the other responsibilities that life throws at you (not to mention it’s fucking 2020, the most anxiety-inducing year this CENTURY)…

Pussy needs time to warm up, you know what I’m saying?

The moment you start to push yourself, your body shuts down and goes into performance mode…

So I know for myself, I have the best sex when I take AS LONG AS I NEED to get warmed up and turned on…

But… I also feel pressured…or guilty…or like my stressed-ass pussy better hurry up and get in the mood so we can move onto more important things, like surviving 2020.

And it can be hard to have these conversations with your lover(s)…

So I sat Andrew down so we could debate how long foreplay should last (in our humble opinions) from a male vs female perspective.

My hope is that this allows us to have real conversations with each other about things that matter…

And for women to be able to have the space and time they need to have the most ecstatic, pleasurable, and relaxed sexual experiences possible…

While also occasionally making time for a down and dirty quickie when the soul (or at least the genitals) needs it 😉

Watch Andrew and I discuss how long foreplay should last and how to compromise with your partner so that you’re both fully turned on and, ultimately, satisfied.

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