If you’ve ever had a resistant partner when it comes to exploring sacred sexuality, then you know the deep pain involved…

And the huge amount of patience required.

Andrew, my partner of almost 7 years, is resistant AF to doing spiritual practices.

Whether it was meditation, eye gazing or breathwork that I desired to explore and experience with him…

He resisted.

So I asked Andrew to hop on and share a few words of advice because his resistance has been the bane of my existence…

And also my greatest teacher.

So after I’ve spent years reacting to Andrew’s resistance in a way that shut him down and made the whole thing much harder than it needed to be (NOTE: manipulative pressure tactics and shaming = no bueno)…

I finally realized what’s really going on when your partner is resistant… And how to deal with this resistance in a way that’s non-judgmental, loving, and creates safety instead of disappointment and shame.

This is the powerful shift that got us to do all the rituals, pussy massages, and sacred sexuality nights that I desired…

And even led to Andrew being the one who initiates sacred sexuality practices.

Check out the video below to find out what we’ve learned and how you can apply this realization to soften the resistance your own partner might feel.

P.S. I recently did a podcast on sacred sexuality with Aubrey Marcus and I think it’s the most detailed, comprehensive deep dive I’ve done into my work on a podcast so far! Plus, Aubrey is a beautiful human and I love what he’s doing in the world, so if you feel like learning, check it out here!

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