Want to feel that sweet, delightful ✨pussy✨ magic coursing through your veins again... Despite everything that's going on in the world?

The best thing we can do for ourselves and each other during this time, is...

Keep the vibe HIGH!

So let's laugh and connect, talk about orgasms, celebrate life, experience outrageous pleasure and dance our hearts out!

So that we can activate our own medicine, nourish our nervous systems and strengthen our immune systems by coming together in pleasure and joy.

Come get your dose of VITAmins!

Pleasure, Fun, Lightheartedness and Dance Parties delivered to your virtual doorstep

Let's get together in the Virtual Pleasure School for a 2-week celebration of life providing you with all the vitamins you need:

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Here's what we're going to dive into each week:


Say YES to feeling joyful, centered, connected and alive with this amazing community of women…. And keeping your vibe high during challenging times! Join us for the free Virtual Pleasure School now and let’s dance our way back into fun and elevated spirits together:

Let’s have some luscious fun and bring joy, aliveness and pleasure back into our daily experience!

Does this make you want to scream HELL YES? Then I'm so excited to invite you to join our Virtual Pleasure School! (It's my free gift to you.)

Each week, you’ll receive two powerfully uplifting experiences in your inbox where we’ll do guided practices and learn potent processes that you can do anytime for orgasmic levels of pleasure, power and joy.


Are you ready to welcome more fun, aliveness and pleasure (back) into your life? Then click the button below and join us for the Virtual Pleasure School now - it's free

Learn about the secret pleasures of your breasts in this sexual class! Discover breast orgasms, nipple orgasms, heart orgasms and the glorious benefits of breast care. Regular breast massage elevates your oxytocin, makes you feel more love, loved and loving and is a massive antidote to stress!

Learn a brand new breast massage technique with Layla to connect to your pleasure and sensuality and get 10-minutes of guidance so you can do it at home yourself! Bonus: you can do this luscious self-care practice in 2 minutes or less in the shower.

Breast Pleasure for Goddesses

Full Body Orgasm 101

Learn the specific 7-step process you can use to transform your orgasms into full-bodied and multi-orgasmic light shows. Plus, in this class you’ll discover the 5 things that can block full-bodied orgasms and how to avoid them in your own sex life to experience luscious amounts of pleasure.

Layla will guide you through a special 10-minute orgasmic breathwork process that will open you up to your full-bodied orgasmic potential so you can continue to welcome in more and more pleasure in your home self-practice.

Sexual Energy Activation for Priestesses

Discover the 3 alchemical portals for sexual energy and learn how to use each one. Explore the different ways you can use your sexual energy to create so much more power and potential in your life.

In this potent class, Layla will guide you through a potent 10-minute Sacred Sexuality Initiation for Priestesses that you can then use at home to cultivate your own sexual energy.

Elevate Your Life!

In this uplifting class you’ll learn the 5-step process to create elevated emotional and energetic experiences in your nervous system. Look, we’ve all been through a lot of heaviness lately. So let’s explore how to consciously create neural pathways during these challenging times to access our power and joy (while not bypassing and still doing the work to show up for whatever arises day to day).

Learn Layla’s 10-minute Elevation practice to stay in high-vibration experiences and to consciously reset your internal baseline to feel more of the good things that keep you motivated, inspired and living your dreams.