All my sensuality was super latent growing up.

I didn’t think I had any.

I assumed that women just got raised to be graceful and sensual, and I wasn’t one of them.

With no one to learn from, I felt doomed to always be awkward on the dance floor.

So imagine my surprise when I did my first Tantric belly-dancing class in my 20’s only to discover that even the tiniest shimmies brought me into a state of ecstasy.

I found that I could erotically turn myself on with nothing more than a few mini-hip wiggles.


That meant my own erotic force didn’t depend on a man, or someone sexually stroking me. It came from within!

So is this just my super power?

No. Every woman can do it.

You know how I know?

Because I’ve watched hundreds of women let loose in workshops.

Usually the most stubborn one, who assure me that everyone else can do it, but “she’s just not like that…’ is the one who winds up having an orgasm from the tiniest movement.

Find out how to turn yourself on through movement in this week’s Vlog below.

PS: I’m always getting asked for my dance playlists. Find a few of my favorite songs below.

1. Cut your teeth (Kygo remix) – Kyla La Grange

2. Paradise Circus – Massive Attack

3. Is this real? – LisaHall

4. Ice cream – New Young Pony Club

5. Easier to Hide – Mary Jane Coles

Thanks for tuning in.

Let me know in the comments section below: what kind of movement most turns you on?

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