Why would I make a whole video about crying during sex?

For three solid reasons:

  1. You’ve almost certainly had the urge to burst into tears during love-making.
  2. You’ve probably tried to hold it back or felt embarrassed.


  1. Crying is a doorway to much deeper, more potent sexual experiences.

Since I’m all about you having those, this week’s Vlog talks about the many reasons why you might cry during sex…

…and how to use crying to have even more amazing experiences in bed. With or without a partner 🙂

Check it out below.

PLEASE NOTE: In this video I’m assuming that you’re engaging in healthy and respectful sexual activity. If you are crying because you are being abused or hurt or your body is signaling you to stop then you should.

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And let me know in the comments below, have you ever felt like crying during sex? and what happened when you did?

Love Layla

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