I haven't told you much about this yet, but I really turned my life around two years ago.

Prior to that, the love of my life had left me suddenly.

I went from living in a luxury villa…

to sleeping on the floor alone in an Indonesian government housing project that cost $35 a month.

I was several thousands of dollars in debt, with no job

and I desperately chased that man for another year and half while he told me graphic details of his sexual experiences with other women.

I had no friends and a spiritual teacher that I had devoted my life to who called me names like “pathetic” and told me there was something hopelessly flawed about me.

Sexual trauma still plauged me with low energy levels and chronic health problems.

Then, I turned it all around.

I got the hell out of there and I decided to pursue my deepest dreams with a relentless ferocity.

I love to watch the fierce feminine force awaken in a woman.

That time, it awoke in me.

I moved to New York City, I met a gorgeous man who treated me like gold, I launched the Sexy Revolution and I built a kind of healthy, connected and loving dream life.

People write me and they ask, “How?”

No secret, I just applied relentlessness and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

You have the same fierce, feminine relentlessness.

It will take you anywhere if you let it.

One of the things I’m doing here with the Sexy Revolution is giving you power tools to strengthen that willpower.

God knows we all need it.

One power practice that has meant so much to me is the Breath Orgasm.

It opens up the fierceness and the truth in you.

It shows you that you don’t need a man or a technique to awaken your sexual energy and lifeforce, you can just breathe…and tap into all the power you need.

It’s also super fun.

In this week’s Vlog, I walk you through the basic steps.

Discover my magical breath orgasm technique below

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With Love,

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