I’m a die-hard romantic, so the first time I got my heart broken…

I literally was in so much pain, I did not think I was going to survive the nights of suffering.

The strange thing was after a whole year of watching him back with her again in high school, I didn’t just have a broken heart, I started hating myself, too.

I looked in the mirror and I saw ugliness.

I felt numb and sad and I didn’t date again for five years.

It took a long time to connect all of the heart-breaks in my life to a persistent, depressive sadness, but once I did it was a total eureka!! moment.

When my heart was in bad shape, so was the way I felt about myself and the world.

So I put myself through some heart-rehab.

I’m sharing with you this powerful 4-step process to revitalize your heart and get back to wild states of unconditional love.

It’s like going to the gym, but for all the times your heart got let-down, disappointed and broken.

Because life with a weak heart straight up sucks.

It just does.

And life with a powerful, healthy ability to love is amazing.

But if your heart gets taken out by someone leaving, or dying, or lying, or hurting…

Then it needs some resuscitation to get back to its normal capacity to love.

I don’t know why they don’t teach this in school, but they don’t.

So, here it is for your viewing and heart’s pleasure.

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