People have a lot of weird ideas about tantric sex (understandably)!

And I’ve often wanted to take a video camera straight into my bedroom…

(or someone else’s!)

Just to show how incredibly beautiful it actually is.

This week we asked three couples to try tantra for the first time…

They took home a video camera to document some of the process…

And then shared with us what it was really like for them.

It was part touching, part hilarious, and super beautiful.

Hear what they experienced in the video below:

Let me know in the comments section below…what moment inspired you the most?


3 couples try tantric sex

So, what do you think Tantric sex is?

Is it swing sex? <laugh>

I’ve never heard of Tantra before in my life.

I have no idea if I had to guess, I would think it’s like a Kama Sutra type


Somehow elongating or making the orgasm last longer.

Something with meditation and kind of energy. I think it’s a time. I think you, you can go for a long time with tantric sex.

Oh, I’m hoping explosive, multiple orgasms is, you know.

So why’d you come here today?

I’m here cuz baby wanted me to be here. You know what I’m so I’m here for the support and for the tantric sex.

I like to take things to another level and see if there’s something more that hasn’t been explored.

Well, we’re so different. I’m so open with myself and like my sexuality and Amber’s very conservative.

All week long. I was like, oh man, I got this and this and that. And I’m gonna be Mr. Tantra. And then like on the drive over here, like my heart started pounding and I was like, what’s going on here?

So this evening you’re gonna go home with a tantric sex ritual that you’re gonna do for two hours. It’s got three different parts to it, a sharing and communication exercise that’ll deepen your intimacy, transfiguration, eye gazing and to do a five senses ritual.

You’re gonna blindfold your partner and then you’re going to take time waking up each of the five senses step by step. And finally, you’re going to sit in Yab-Yum, a connected practice where all of your chakras are aligned and you’re gonna do a breathwork and energy process. And from there you’re gonna move into tantric love making.

This Tantra experience will like, really boost the morale up in the bedroom. So I’m excited for it.

-Later That NIght-

So we’re all set up and we’re ready to go. Are you ready to try our tantra night?

-The Next Day-

It was so cool coming home yesterday after class and seeing the bedroom, like I walked in, I was sitting, I was like, wait a minute. What?

I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

It was like another form of yoga that I never did before. You know what I mean?

Sex. Yoga. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like a sex yoga.

I felt uncomfortable. There’s certain things that were kind of affronting and, and being blindfolded, but there’s parts of me that kind of wanted to pull away, check out cause it got really intense.

Thing that I take from this was the chakra exchange when we were together with that, that was really intense for me. We let each other be vulnerable. Yeah. So that was really good.

And some point I didn’t hear nothing, only him. It was only him and me in that moment. Mm that’s it.

It was great to, to get almost to the height of excitement and then come back down and kind of keep that level of sexual in.

We have a really big problem with talking to each other and telling each other what we want or what we need, cuz we’re so scared of how the other’s gonna react. And last night I felt appreciated and I felt hurt and I felt like she was actually finally listening to me and it made me wanna be closer to her.

Yeah. I touched every part of the body. I probably never did that all the whole time. We’ve been together. You never have. Yeah. <laugh>

Very scary to tell a woman, “Hey, I’m afraid that I’m not gonna last and I’m not gonna stay hard.” And, and it was okay. I think I learned she wasn’t gonna judge me for that.

It made me feel like we were making love and not just like, we were fucking, it was like her body was mine and like mine was hers. It was like, I was just melting into her<laugh>

when we finished, it was like, his expression was different; his eyes were shiny-like.

Yeah, you know, I’m a guy, you know, you want to kind of tend to get in there and barrel in and rush it and then flip on the TV. But it was taking your time. Listening, hearing my partner. I discovered I’m a better lover than I thought.

I learned that I needed to stop rushing things. Cuz like, even though you gonna get orgasm in, it’ll be nice to like, just enjoy the whole process. That’s what I learned.

I learned about myself where there was places of resistance that I still had to let go that I didn’t know.

Nobody teaches how to have sex. Just we do it. Sometimes we are afraid to say, oh, touch me here. Or, or let’s try this.

I’m trying to see how like two, like heterosexual couples can do it. If I had opinions, we wouldn’t have made it through tonight. Let me just tell you right now. Thanks.

I’m glad you’re a woman.

<laugh> I love you guys.

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