One of my biggest #lifegoals is to have every woman explore her deep vagina….

And LOVE it.

But let’s be honest, most of the time, once I’ve managed to convince you and you head in there (usually with some fear or disgust or loathing uggggggg)…

Hoping to find, I don’t know, orgasmic unicorns and it’s like:

And then, I hope in a non-creepy way, I’m right there with you saying, “Don’t worry!! This is totally NORMAL! It’s like a garden that’s been neglected. You’ve got to do some work, but it’s not gonna be that one lonely tumbleweed forever in your vagina.”

sexcoach #inspiration

In fact, and I’m totally not full of s**t, if you do some daily, simple practices, you can actually have those rainbow unicorns in your vagina and then it’s all like:

What practices you say?

Well, I’ve got three amazing ones for you today.

But please don’t assume it’s one and done.

If you’ve built up a relationship with your vagina for years and likely decades, it’s not going to change overnight.

It’s a deeper, long-term process, but here is what I can absolutely promise you.

Every single vagina is magic.

Including yours.

Each one has incredible sensitivity that is possible.

You just have to take the time, care enough and stick with it.

But the results are soooooo worth it.

Check out my 3 top practices to build exquisite vaginal sensitivity below

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